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Life Insurance: What is an Insurable Interest?

copy of Life Insurance Policy with calculator and glasses

When someone buys a life insurance policy, they must have some significant interest in the life they want to have insured by the policy.  Obviously, they can buy their own policy.  However, a spouse, a parent, or a business party also have legitimate legal interest to buy a life insurance policy on someone else.  This […]

VA study finds EEG can help differentiate between PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury

Does a veteran have PTSD or TBI?  In an effort to find a way to distinguish between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs funded a study on the use of EEG, a neurological test, to diagnose the conditions.  The following excerpt comes from the VA press release […]

How Long Can A Long Term Disability Insurance Company Wait To Decide A Claim?

picture of stopwatch

Watch this video as ERISA | Disability Attorney John V. Tucker describes how long Disability Insurance companies have to decide your disability claim. If you are filing for long term disability, you may be wondering how long the insurance company can take to decide your claim. It is months later, and you’re still waiting. What […]

VA Disability: What Is a VA C File & Why Is It So Important To My Claim?

picture of claim files piled up in VA regional office

Watch this video as VA Disability Attorney John V. Tucker describes the importance of a VA Claim File (the C-file) in a veteran’s service-connected disability benefit claim. If you have a claim for service-connected compensation, then you need to know why your C-file is so important. Your C- file contains all of the documents that […]

New VA Rule Creates Service-Connected Disability Presumption for Some Camp Lejeune Vets

Picture of Main Gate Entry Sign at USMC base Camp Lejeune

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published a new rule on January 13, 2017 which creates a presumption of service connection for eight diseases which scientists have tied to exposure to contaminants in the water supply at the U.S. Marine Corp base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Who is covered? Any active duty, reserve […]

VIDEO: What to Do if Your Disability Insurance Company Wants to Send You to Its Doctor

picture of doctor typing medical records into computer

Listen as experienced ERISA Disability Attorney John V. Tucker describes what to do if your Long Term Disability insurance company wants you to visit their doctor. If your long term disability doctor wants you to go to their doctor, you will generally have to go to see them. After working on many long term disability […]

Do I Need to Hire An Attorney if My Long Term Disability Benefits Are Denied?

South Florida TRL 2016 - Tucker

Disability insurance claim denied?  Listen as disability benefits attorney John Tucker discusses whether you need to hire an attorney if your insurance company has denied your Long Term Disability benefits. There are several reasons to hire an attorney if your disability insurance company has denied your LTD claim.  First, attorneys are trained in reading various […]

3 Reasons To Get A Vocational Expert’s Report For Your Long Term Disability Claim

picture of lady justice statue in front of attorney John Tucker on the phone

A vocational expert can be crucial to winning your disability claim.  Watch this video to see disability insurance attorney John V. Tucker describes the top three reasons you need a vocational expert’s report for your long term disability claim. If you are filing a long term disability claim, then you need a vocational expert. There […]

What To Do If Your Doctor Won’t Fill Out The Disability Insurance Company’s Forms

picture of disability insurance claim form with pen

When you have a disability claim, your doctor may be the most important person you know.  The disability insurance company is going to ask the doctor to fill out a form, and you need the documentation only your doctor can provide.  What do you do when your doctor will not fill out the disability insurance […]

Prove Physical Restrictions with a Functional Capacity Evaluation

Picture of Disability Insurance Policy

When an insurance company use paper reviews by doctors to deny disability insurance claims, most people would think that cannot be enough. They have to have more, right?  Not when they are deciding employer group disability insurance claims.  These claims are covered by ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  Many courts have held that […]


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