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VA’s St. Petersburg, FL Regional Office Cancels Hearings Due to Hurricane Irma

picture of VA Regional Office on Bay Pines, Blvd in St. Petersburg, Florida

VA issued the following letter addressing cancellations at the St. Pete RO due to Hurricane Irma: September 8, 2017 The St. Petersburg RO reports: With a focus on safety the St. Petersburg Regional Office cancelled all BVA, DRO and non-appeal hearings through Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  All Veterans, representatives as well as the BVA judges […]

Top Tips You Need to Know to Apply for Short or Long Term Disability Insurance

Picture of Insurance Claim Form with Denied stamped on it

When you are confronted with a sickness or an injury that stops you from working, it can be scary knowing you are losing your income.  Trying to figure out how to apply and not get denied for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability Insurance can be challenging, particularly when you are on dealing with […]

Sleep Apnea & VA Service-Connected Compensation

Picture of Man Sleeping in Bed with Sleep Apnea Mask

Sleep Apnea is a very complex medical issue that impacts many military veterans.  Unfortunately, it is not simple to prove that sleep apnea is related to your military service, and the VA denies many sleep apnea claims for service-connected disability compensation.  Any veteran pursuit a sleep apnea VA disability claim should be ready for the […]

Disability Insurance: Why the Policy Definition of Disability Matters

picture of disability insurance claim form with pen

Disability Insurance Policies are Like Rule books…And Rules Matter Rules matter. No matter what game you are playing, the rule book is what controls the game. Unfortunately, insurance companies think about disability insurance policies like a game. They write their disability insurance polices with rules that help them. You have to know those rules if […]

How does VA Decide the Effective Date of A Veteran’s Service Connected Disability CompensationClaim?

picture of a calendar with turning pages

How far back will VA back pay go? Question:  How does the VA Decide How Far Back My Retroactive VA Disability Payments Will Go? So you are a veteran and you just received a Rating Decision granting you service connection for a disability from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA). Chances are you […]

Veteran Online Shopping Benefit – A Winner on Two Fronts

Image of Military Exchange store logo

As of July 21, 2017, the only veterans permitted to shop at military Exchange stores are retirees.  However, this coming Veterans Day, November 11, 2017, will mark the beginning of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Veteran Online Shopping Benefit (VOSB).  The VOSB allows veterans who were Honorably discharged or discharged Under Honorable Conditions to shop […]

What is a “Presumptive” service-connected claim?

Symbols for Nuclear Biological Chemical

Let’s start with the basics of “service-connection” Normally, to prove a claim for service connected compensation, a veteran must give the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical evidence or, in certain circumstances, lay (non-expert) evidence of each of the following: a current disability – meaning some current medical condition that impacts you; an in-service event […]

John Tucker Again Selected as Florida Super Lawyer

Photo of Super Lawyers Listing showing John V. Tucker as s Super Lawyer in the field of Employee Benefits

John V. TuckerDisabilty, ERISA & Life Insurance Attorney Once again, John V. Tucker has been selected as a Florida Super Lawyer in the field of Employee Benefits.  Only 5 attorneys in Florida have been given this designation, and only 2 of those represent individuals in employee benefit claims (commonly called ERISA claims). John Tucker has […]

The Opinions of Physician Assistants and ARPN’s Finally Count in Social Security Disability Claims

picture of doctor in white coat with stethoscope around neck

Despite the presence of Physicians Assistants (P.A.s), Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs, also called ARNPs), Audiologists in the medical community for decades, the Social Security Administration (SSA) refused to treat their opinions the same as M.D. or D.O. physicians or Ph.D. psychologists in Social Security Disability or SSI claims.  As the medical community changed and […]

Burn Pits: The Post 9/11 Generation’s Agent Orange?

photo of military service member putting trash in burn pit with fumes and vapors rising from fire

Military Burn Pit Other than our veterans, few Americans know about them, but the lasting effects that the smoldering trash-heaps known as “burn pits” will have on our modern warriors will likely extend far beyond the putrid stench that is permanently ingrained in their uniforms, protective gear, and memories. If you are an Operation Iraqi […]


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