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Do You Need to File or Appeal a Disability Insurance Claim?

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Buying disability insurance is a rational way to prepare for the future. You never know when you may become ill or injured, and whether this will mean you cannot continue to work. Disability insurance should be there for you when this happens.

All too often, though, insurance companies work against injured or sick people who need to claim their benefits. It is not uncommon to receive a claim denial. At Tucker Law Group, our disability insurance attorneys are dedicated to fighting for employees who have insurance through their employer, as well as those who bought their own individual disability insurance.

We offer services to individuals nationwide who are trying to secure their disability benefits. Though licensed in Florida, our lawyers counsel throughout the United States, often associating local attorneys at no extra cost to you. We cover long-term disability and short-term disability claims, appeals, and lawsuits whether you have an individual or group disability insurance policy. To best serve you, we offer our services at every step of the way, from claim preparation to litigation.

Types of Disability Claims We Handle

Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claims

The purpose of long-term disability is to make up for lost earnings during a sickness or after an injury, sometimes for many years. This type of benefit is granted when someone has a severe or long-lasting condition. Common injuries which qualify for LTD include neck and back injuries, joint, muscle and tendon disorders, severe burns, and many others. Common disabling illnesses that qualify may include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and many others.

Short-Term Disability (STD) Claims

In some cases, health conditions or injuries are short-lived. However, these conditions may still get in the way of performing work duties for a period of time. Workers may need compensation in the meantime. Short-term disability covers workers in this situation.

Disability Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith can occur when an insurance company actively works against you or violates state laws or regulations which require certain type of conduct. It can include companies that unreasonably delay coming to a decision on your case or when an insurer wrongfully denies your claim by cherry-picking only the information which helps the insurer from your records. At Tucker Law Group, our disability insurance attorneys help our clients by filing bad faith claims when they are warranted to keep insurance companies honest.

Where Did You Get Your Disability Insurance?

Individual Disability Insurance Policies

Disability insurance purchased on your own, outside of an employer or group, qualifies as an individual policy. Knowing which type of policy you have is important for handling your case. This is because, unlike group policies, individual policies are not subject to a federal law known as “ERISA.” Individual polices have distinct advantages over group ERISA policies, because insurers that write individual coverage are subject to bad faith insurance laws in many states.

Group Disability Insurance Policies

Group disability insurance policies include those offered through most employers or groups, such as a union. These policies are subject to a federal law called ERISA. This law affects the process for filing and appealing disability claims, and it also limits the types of benefits you can recover. For example, there are payments for bad faith under ERISA. To determine how best to prepare your case, you should speak with an experienced disability insurance lawyer.

How We Can Help With Your Disability Insurance Claim

At Tucker Law Group, we provide help with disability insurance claims at every stage of the process. This includes preparing, filing, monitoring, appealing and litigating your claim. You will want a seasoned disability insurance attorney to see your claim through to the end.

Preparing and Filing Your Disability Insurance Claim

Submitting a claim with insufficient documentation is the leading reason for denied benefits. Insurance companies will pick apart your claim to find its weak points. That is why our disability insurance attorneys offer services to prepare and successfully file claims. We know the information the insurance companies are looking for, and we can help you find it and submit it.

Monitoring Your Disability Insurance Claim

Unfortunately, having your disability claim granted is not guaranteed. Even if you are already receiving your paychecks, insurance companies will continue to look for reasons to terminate or reduce your compensation. Our disability insurance law firm helps clients monitor their claims so that this does not happen.

Appealing Your Disability Insurance Claim Denial

Fortunately, overturning a decision to deny a disability claim is possible. It is also possible to appeal a terminated claim. However, people workers often run into complications during this process, not to mention being limited by illness or injury. This is because there are many different laws that affect how the process occurs. Strict deadlines also act as a stumbling block during the process. Our disability insurance lawyers can help keep your appeal on track.

Litigating Your Disability Insurance Claim

If your case goes to court, you should have a disability insurance attorney on your side. Depending on your policy, you will either end up in state or federal court. Your policy will also affect your rights and applicable procedures. We litigate cases in federal courts all across the United States.

At Tucker Law Group, we have vast experience litigating against big insurance companies. We can protect your best interests and fight for the benefits you deserve.

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Tucker Law Group offers comprehensive disability insurance services. Whatever your particular case, it is likely that our disability insurance attorneys can help. The best way to find out how we can assist you is to contact our office. You can reach us by telephone anywhere in the U.S. toll-free at (866) 233-5044 or through our online portal.