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Monitoring Your Disability Insurance Claim

If you were approved for long term disability benefits, why would you need a disability insurance attorney? The answer is simple. For disability insurance companies it is all about the bottom line. The quicker they can find a reason to quit paying a disability claim the more profitable they are. From the moment you begin receiving your monthly benefit check, the disability adjustor will be vigilant in looking for ways to reduce or terminate your benefits. If you are a relatively young claimant in your forties or early fifties, or you are a high-income earner you should consider yourself the ideal target of an on-going campaign to cut-off your benefits.

Protecting You While You’re On Claim

When you are “on claim”, it is essential that you cooperate and comply with the policy or plan. If you fail to do so, your benefits may be reduced or terminated. During the claim monitoring process, John V. Tucker and his disability insurance lawyers focus on preparing clients and their doctors to carefully navigate around the insurance company’s deceptive tricks while, at the same time, cooperating with the disability adjustor.

Our role in monitoring and managing your disability claim is multi-faceted. Some of these services include:

  • Communicating with the disability insurance adjuster;
  • Working with your doctors to complete forms or provide reports;
  • Reviewing forms and reports completed by your doctors to determine if they have included all of the necessary information to document your disability;
  • Teaching you the best way to document your limitations and restrictions; and
  • Managing the flow of paper to the LTD insurance company.

Fighting For You If Your Claim Is Denied

Sometimes, despite your cooperation and clear medical evidence of a disabling condition from your doctors, the disability insurance company or a third-party administrator, such as Sedgwick, will ignore valid medical evidence in order to terminate your claim and boost their profits.

If this happens, our team of dedicated disability insurance attorneys are already familiar with your condition and disability claim which means your are in a prime position to file a compelling and timely disability appeal or, if required, to litigate your claim in the most appropriate jurisdiction.

By using the information and resources developed by our disability lawyers during the monitoring of long term disability insurance claims, John V. Tucker’s clients have a leg-up in being put back on claim or negotiating a policy buy-out.

To discuss how our firm can monitor and manage your disability insurance claim, contact Disability Insurance Attorney John V. Tucker online or call us at (866) 233-5044.