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Common Veterans Administration (VA) Abbreviations

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) uses many acronyms and abbreviations for VA terms. The following list should help you read VA records and understand VA shorthand.

A&AAid and Attendance
AAOAssistant adjudication officer
ACAPAnnual clothing allowance payment
AGGAggravated in service
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIRSAppellate Index Retrieval System
AOAdjudication Officer or Agent Orange
AOJAgency of original jurisdiction
APAAdministrative Procedures Act
ARArmy regulation
AWOLAbsence Without Official Leave
BCDBad Conduct Discharge
BCMRBoard for Correction of Military Records
BCNRBoard for Correction of Naval Records
BVABoard of Veterans’ Appeals
C-fileClaims File
CAVCU.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
CBDChief Benefits Director
C&CConfirmed and Continued (rating decision)
CDClemency discharge
C.F.R.Code of Federal Regulations
CHAMPUSCivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHAMPVACivilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs
COGConvenience of the government
COLACost-of-living adjustment
C&PCompensation and pension
CTACentralized transcription activities
CWTCompensation work therapy
DCDiagnostic code
DDDishonorable discharge
DEADependents’ Educational Assistance
DICDependency and indemnity compensation
DNADefense Nuclear Agency
DODDepartment of Defense
DREDischarge Review Board
DSMIVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.)
DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
EADEntry on active duty
EAJAEqual Access to Justice Act
EODEntry on duty
EPCEnd product control
ESGEnvironmental Support Group (see USASCRUR)
ETSExpiration of term of service
EVREligibility verification report
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FR indexFederal Register Index
FTCAFederal Tort Claims Act
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GCGeneral Counsel
GDGeneral discharge
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GSWGunshot wound
HDHonorable discharge
HPVHuman immunodeficiency virus
HOHearing officer
IMEIndependent medical expert
INCIncurred in service
ITIncentive therapy
RIIndividual unemployability
NAPIncome for VA purposes
JAGMember of Judge Advocate General’s Corp
LODLine of duty
LSAList of Sections Affected (C.F.R.)
MAPRMaximum annual pension rate
NANational Archives
NASNational Academy of Sciences
MILNon-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
NOANotice of Appeal
NODNotice of Death or Notice of Disagreement
NPRCNational Personel Records Center
NSLINational Service Life Insurance
NSONational service officer
NVLSPNational Veterans Legal Services Program
OGCOffice of the General Counsel (VA)
OMPFOfficial military personnel file
OPCOutpatient clinic
Op. G.C.Opinion of the General Counsel
Op. Gen. Coun.Opinion of the General Counsel
OPTOutpatient treatment
Op. VA Gen. CounselOpinion of the General Counsel
PCTPorphyria cutanea tarda (a liver dysfunction)
PIFPending issue file
PLEP.L.Public Law
POAPower of attorney
POWPrisoner of war
PTPermanent total disability
PTSDPost-traumatic stress disorder
Pub. L. No.Public Law
RADRelease from active duty
R.C.Regional counsel (the chief legal authority in a VARO)
RE codeReenlistment code
REPSRestored Entitlement Program for Survivors
RHInsurance policy designation for veterans with service-connected disabilities
RIRating increase
RPC(VA) Records Processing Center (St. Louis)
RSFPPRetired Services Family Protection Plan
SBPSurvivor Benefit Plan
SBP-MIWSurvivor Benefit Plan-Minimum Income Widow
SDNSeparation Designator Number
SDRPSpecial Discharge Review Program
SFStandard Form
SFWShell fragment wound
SGLIServicemen’s Group Life Insurance
SIRSSpecial Issue Rating System
SMCSpecial Monthly Compensation
SMifiSupplementary medical insurance benefit
SMPSpecial Monthly Pension
SMRService medical record
SOCStatement of the Case
SPCMSpecial court-martial
SPDSeparation Program Designator
SPNSeparation program number
SRDSchedule for Rating Disabilities
SSASocial Security Administration
SSDISocial Security Disability Income
SSISupplemental Security Income
SSOCSupplemental Statement of the Case
STSSoft tissue sarcomas
TDRLTemporary Disability Retired List (uniformed service)
TINTransaction Identification Number
TPQThird-party query
UCMJUniform Code of Military justice
UDUndesirable discharge
UOTHC(Discharge) under other than honorable conditions
USAU.S. Army
USAFU.S. Air Force
USASCRURUnited States Armed Services Center for Research of Unit Records
US.C.S.United States Code Service
U.S.C.A.United States Code Annotated
USCCANUnited States Code Congressional and Administrative News
USMCU.S. Marine Corps
USNU.S. Navy
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs (also used for old Veterans Administration)
VACOVA Central Office
VACOLSVeterans Appeals Control and Locator System
VAMCVA Medical center
VAOPCVA Outpatient Clinic
VARVA Regulation
VAROVA Regional Office
VBAVeterans Benefits Administration
VDVenereal disease
VEAPVeterans’ Education Assistance Program
VGLIVeterans’ Group Life Insurance
VHAVeterans Health Administration
VJRAVeterans’ Judicial Review Act of 1988
VSOVeterans service organization

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