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  1. New York Court Upholds Aetna Life Insurance Denial in DUI Death Based on Self-Inflicted Injury

    Intoxication Exclusions in Life Insurance Policies Can Often Result in Claim Denials When a motorcyclist died in a crash while driving 124 miles per hour, Aetna Life Insurance Company denied the claim, asserting that the driver was intoxicated and that made the crash an “intentionally self-inflicted injury,” something excluded from payment under his employer’s Accidental […]

  2. Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI) Policies in Florida

    STOLI…No, not this kind of Stoli…We are talking about Stranger-Originated Life Insurance Policies in Florida! What is stranger-originated life insurance (STOLI) in Florida? In Florida, people are allowed to sell their life insurance policies on the secondary market.  A Florida statute, § 627.422, permits a person to assign a life insurance policy to someone else, […]

  3. Florida Life Insurance Policies: Insurable Interests Under Florida Law

    This week, we are talking about the concept of insurable interests in life insurance.  On Monday, I explained what an insurable interest is.  Today, we are going to talk about Florida’s insurable interest law. This applies to life insurance policies that were issued in the State of Florida, and regulates who may take out a […]

  4. Life Insurance: What is an Insurable Interest?

    When someone buys a life insurance policy, they must have some significant interest in the life they want to have insured by the policy.  Obviously, they can buy their own policy.  However, a spouse, a parent, or a business party also have legitimate legal interest to buy a life insurance policy on someone else.  This […]

  5. Who Gets The Life Insurance Money If An Ex-Spouse Is Listed As Beneficiary?

    What happens when a person gets remarried, but dies without changing their life insurance beneficiary from their ex-spouse to their new spouse?  Who gets the life insurance money?  You may think you know the answer, but it can depend on many thing.  Watch my video and learn more: If you are fighting a life insurance […]

  6. Life Insurance Interpleader

    Disputes about who gets paid life insurance benefits can end up in court in a type of lawsuit called “Interpleader.” If you were served with lawsuit papers by a life insurance company in a dispute over life insurance benefits, it was likely that the insurance company sued you in a type of suit called an […]

  7. Changing Your Life Insurance Beneficiary? 3 Things You Need to Do

    Before his wife Susan died, David let her take care of all of the family’s paperwork.  She was a wonderful partner…she had a good job, handled their finances, tracked their retirement accounts, and she kept up with their life insurance paperwork…or so he thought.  When Susan wife passed away, he filed a claim for life […]

  8. No Jury Trials in ERISA Claims for Benefits – Disability and Life Insurance

    A Judge – not a jury – decides employee benefit lawsuits under ERISA. Every Federal Circuit Court in the country has held that a jury trial will not occur in a claim for benefits under an employer sponsored benefit plan, yet people still file lawsuits asking for jury trials on benefits claims.  Each time it […]

  9. Life Insurance Lawsuit Filed Too Late – Time Limit was One Year

    Beware of the Time Limitations in your employer’s ERISA group life insurance plan. A recent Georgia life insurance case shows how important it is to read the time deadlines for filing lawsuits in employer-sponsored group life insurance plans.  The case involves a life insurance claim filed by Melinda Webb, the spouse of a former employee […]


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