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Client Testimonials

"When disabling injuries had, in an instant, changed my life forever… the future looked bleak, to say the least. Pain, being my constant companion, made taking on two “Giant(s)”, my LTD Insurance Carrier & Social Security, looking hopeless… Having wasted a lot of precious time w/ other Law Firms, John Tucker took my case and ran with it… even though I didn’t have a dime to offer him. He & his right hand, Emily, were like working with “friends”. They never failed in any area of customer service. He won both cases (ERISA & SS) without me having to get out of my pajamas! I’ll be eternally grateful to him & Emily and all the various Yellow Pages Attorneys that kept referring me to “John Tucker!” Everyone knew he is “THE ERISA Attorney”! As well as all other areas of Law he covers. I’d choose him again, in a heartbeat!"
"Mr. John Tucker represented me during my social security appeal in a courtroom. In the lobby of the courtroom, Mr. Tucker stood out to be the best over other attorneys, that seemed to be lost and unsure of themselves. Mr. Tucker was prompt and available for any need or “stupid question” I may have had. Mr. Tuckers Paralegal, Dana, was just as outstanding and prompt. This firm WILL get the job done right and as fast as they can. They are 100% knowledgeable in every aspect of social security and they KNOW how to approach social security laws better than any law firm. Mr. Tucker and his associates are among the elite in attorneys. You don’t find them like that anymore. They are for real! Thanks Mr. Tucker and Dana, you both saved my life. The future is looking better because of your firm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless and I will continue to “brag” about your firm to everyone!"
"John was intelligent, kind, courteous and compassionate. He explained the ERISA laws top line so I did not have false expectations about what my negotiated award might be. He explained the upside and more downside in taking the next step by going to court. He was recommended by a top legal adversary of his as the “go to guy” for my case. There were no surprises."
"I just want to say thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the Tucker & Ludin law firm! I felt I was well represented right from the start of my case. I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. If I or someone I know ever needs any legal representation John Tucker will be the first one I call and recommend."
Military law client
"I am writing this review on behalf of my father, a Vietnam, Marine Corp Veteran. My father persevered for over 20 years for service-connected benefits from the US Veterans Administration and tried to navigate through the thick red tape of the system in an effort to gain assistance in employment, benefit coverage, and other entitlements. However, it was not until, John Tucker agreed to handle his that the VA even considered his case somewhat legitimate. In a relatively short time, John Tucker was able to bring my father’s case to the immediate attention of the VA and he received his full benefit package. I am especially thankful for their professionalism and the sensitive nature by which they handled my father’s case. Today, despite his age and service connected disability; he is able to receive the benefits of his commitment to serving our country, thanks to this firm."
"My wife and I had been so disappointed by the bureaucratic red tape and the continuous run around that our Social Security Administration put her through. We were referred by a friend to John and his firm and what a blessing it turned out to be. John was very knowledgeable concerning the process, he did not paint a picture of pie in the sky but one of realism. He assured us that the situation was now in hand and fortunately for us it was in his hands. I have been a minister for 33 years and have placed my trust completely in the hands of God on all occasions. Once again, I was able to do this placing my trust solely upon God, and God in turn used John as His instrument to achieve His will. I highly recommend John and his firm for their outstanding support and for the way they get the job done. "
Susan W.
"I wanted to sincerely thank you and your firm for the outstanding service you have provided me over the past year and half. You answered my many questions with patience and understanding, and responded to my calls or emails in a timely manner. This settlement brings me great satisfaction that the wrong done to my Mother in the last year of her life has been rectified. You fought for us with professionalism and knowledge of the specialized ERISA laws. Thank you on behalf of our family for all your work and time you put to righting this wrong. You are the best! And I would recommend you to anyone needing legal help against a big company. Yours with gratitude."
"John, Thanks for all you’ve done and for sticking up for me."
"John – Thank you for your time and knowledge. I can see why your firm is highly rated."
"To: John Tucker and the entire staff – THANK YOU ALL! We appreciate having you with us on this necessary journey. Respectfully, "
"To: William C. Demas, Thank you for all of your and your staff’s wonderful help and guidance throughout the SSI process. – PW Please tell Mr. Demas, thank you for saving the rest of my life"
Kelly R.
"To William Demas: THANKS BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe after 3 years Kevin finally got what he deserved. Hope you have a great week and it was very nice meeting you. You did a Great Job! Thanks again,"
Greg Hoag
"Dear John & Eric: We sincerely thank you and your firm for serving as the Presenting Sponsor of the Foundation’s “Evening With The Rays” event! You helped make the event a huge success as we raised over $10,000.00 for the Foundation! Sincerely, "
"I recommend this lawyer very highly, when you email him ,he gets right back to you, he says that he will get the job done and he really does. I had a couple of lawyers that tried to get me the money that was owed to me from the insurance company, and they didn’t get anywhere. this lawyer got it all back and in little time. he is great. if I should ever need a lawyer I would definitely call him !! I also liked that he was very honest with me!"
The R. Family
"Dear Mr. Demas; For the Record(s) pun intended. I just wanted to thank you from all of us for your superb handling of my wife’s Social Security Disability claim. I recognize that managing all the aspects of our family and its various problems and personalities along with the many nuances of a disability claim in today’s governmental climate can be quite challenging. You met all challenges “head on” and were able to conquer them. Not only were you able to conquer them but you did it with diplomacy, finesse and competence. We were truly impressed with your experience and abilities in dealing with the many complexities of her case. Warm regards,"
Bruce L.
"Dear Mr. Demas; I wanted to thank you personally for the attention in getting my disability case approved. I am actually sorry that my case was approved so quickly because I understand there were no fees recovered for your firm. On the other side, I am grateful it is resolved and appreciate all your help. If I know anyone in the same position as me, I will send them to your law firm. Thank you. Respectfully,"
"Working with his office was usually very smooth. Even though I was out of state, he skyped with me so I felt like I was sitting in his office. I dealt with a lawyer before, and Mr. Tucker’s approach to keeping me updated was so much better. I really knew what was going on the whole time. Sometimes he was not available, but his paralegal filled me in on my case when that happened. I really liked everyone in their office. People thought I was crazy for hiring a lawyer in Florida, but none of the lawyers around where I live were even willing to take on my case – they were so wrong. Thank you Mr. Tucker!"
"Mr. Tucker was the 7th lawyer I called about my ERISA disability benefits. The others were either scared of ERISA cases or had no clue what they even were. I had to go to another state to find a lawyer who could help me, and I am so glad I did because finding Mr. Tucker literally saved my family’s income and kept us from losing our home. Without him, I never would have gotten UNUM to pay my disability benefits."
"I hired Mr. Tucker to help me after CIGNA denied my disability insurance. He took the time to get to know me and understand why I can’t work. He listenend and kept me updated as my case went on. The best thing about Mr. Tucker is he got me to the right doctor and also hired a great expert that helped win my case. I highly recommend Mr. Tucker."
"John was my attorney for a disability claim against UNUM and he handled my SSD claim. Another attorney referred me to him because he is known as one of the top ERISA lawyers in the country. All of his staff were so professional. He was always on top of my cases. I was so worried that UNUM would never pay me again after they cut me off. But, John was really aggressive in dealing with them and UNUM paid. Thank you John!"
"From the moment I met Mr. Tucker (January 2015) I knew I was in good hands. I believe its important to obtain an attorney who believes your story and from the beginning he understood and believed and his mission was to solve my legal problems, so I hired him. From the beginning, the entire staff was professional and responsive when I had concerns or questions. I always felt “in the loop” when anything of significance happened. I would recommend John Tucker without reservation to anyone in need of a disability attorney."
"John, Amy & Team, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work on my case! Because of you, my holidays were much brighter!"
"I’m a retired Marine. I got so tired of dealing with the VA and my DAV rep. It just seemed like it was one thing after another causing a delay in my claim for service connected benefits. I contacted John to help me. He was able to get documents and records to help my claim move along. After many long years of dealing with the VA, I am so glad I hired John. He really fought for me and got the VA to pay me for being totally disabled and unemployable after serving my country."
"I want to thank you for all the hours of hard work you and your staff spent on my behalf against Prudential. This must be a very tedious process so thank you for sticking with it with my best interest in mind. The timing of the judgment was perfect and I thank you for trying to get everything done prior to the Christmas holiday. With the greatest amount of gratitude."
"To: All good people at TuckerLudin. A job well done, and my lasting gratitude!"
Robin M.
"I wanted to personally thank you for resolving my disability claim with Prudential. When I had all but given up on any resolution with my LTD claim I found you and knew I would be in good hands. You took the time to get to know me and went above and beyond my expectations. Your kind words of encouragement kept me going. World Class service on every level, I would not hesitate to refer anyone that may need your firm. Thank you…thank you…thank you! Sincerely,"