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CBS Reporting Oakland VA Regional Office Lost 14,000 Claim Files Since 1990

In a story reported on February 20, 2015, the local San Francisco Bay area CBS TV affiliate, KPIX,  reported that the Oakland RO literally lost “nearly 14,000 benefit claims since 1990.”  After a local Congressman contact the VA Office of the Inspector General, an investigation revealed that files which had been located in 2012 could not longer be filed.  Apparently, the 300 VA employees at the Oakland RO cannot find any of the files.  They are gone.  Poof…vanished into thin air.

You have to ask:  How is that possible?

Click here for the original online story.

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    So what’s new they lost all my Medical Service records from 1965 to 1973 and all my VA records from 1973 to the late 1980’s. This was not done on accident it was done very slick. The records were retired and when they were picked up for shipment to the storage facility, a control # was never assign to them. So now they don’t have a way to retrieve them. At first they refused to admit they were lost. I did the research and tacked the records from ST Louis to the VA in Phoenix AZ to Tucson AZ and to the distribution room for retirement. I have records of it going in and out. As far as I’m concerned kept the Core staff I.e. docs and nurses and fire all the admin from the top to the bottom. Oh on another subject the Gov. Organization I retired from in 1994 had a tasking to automate all the VA Records, I think they received the tasking in the late 80’s. So there is a lot more to the BS then what you have been told and the VA will not admit to it. All they want to do is weasel out from this scandal and hope things will be for gotten. Forget about your congressman helping you they will just blow him of like they did mine and I did her work.

    John L.

    I am sorry that happened to you. That is exactly why I tell all vets and any active duty military member that they should get copies of all of their records as soon as they can after medical services or treatment. The same goes for any records that active military can get (like TDY orders for example, sick call paperwork, outprocessing paperwork, etc.). Once you have copies, never part with them. Only give others copies of what you have. I have talked to countless vets like you who have had their files disappear, and there often is no way to fix the problem. Again, I am sorry you have had to go through that.


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