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CNNMoney – ‘I was overpaid by Social Security’


Americans dealing with injuries, mental illnesses and other impairments are being notified out of the blue that they’ve been overpaid by the Social Security Administration and now owe thousands of dollars.

One 33-year-old veteran began receiving Social Security disability payments after his left foot was amputated following an explosion in Iraq in 2007. After going through rehab for his prosthetic leg, he began working full-time for a defense contractor in 2009. As soon as he started collecting a paycheck, the veteran, who asked to remain anonymous, reported his roughly $100,000 annual salary to the Social Security Administration.

Read the rest of the story at its source:  https://money.cnn.com/2013/10/28/pf/social-security-overpaid/

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    This is outrageous. You’d think that our heroes, of all people, deserve better treatment than this. Reading this on Veteran’s Day, of all times, puts this issue into perspective even more for me.

    If people do the right thing and report their income and Social Security can’t keep track of it, it’s not the person’s fault and they shouldn’t have to repay the money. If the person was intentionally withholding information or doing something shady, then they should be forced to pay the money back.


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