I am once again puzzled as to why there is no differentiation between Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes. They are two completely different diseases with different causes but similar effects.

Type II Diabetes is a disease caused by the body developing a resistance to insulin. There is no damage to the Pancreas and the treatment is either a hormone pill (typically glyburide) or insulin injections. Many times this is a result of obesity and can be reversed by diet and exercise.

Type I Diabetes is caused by damage to the Pancreas beta cells which produce insulin into the body. Treatment is typical insulin injections. This condition is not currently reversible.

In my particular case I was misdiagnosed by a PA in the Air Force who looked up Diabetes in a book. Prescribed glyburide and sent me home with the prescription (and 800ish blood sugar). Eventually, they discovered I was actually a Type I diabetic, after overstimulating and burning out the remainder of my beta cells. (So I’m a little sensitive to this distinction).