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Disabled? Dial 211 to Find Local Aid & Support Agencies

For most of my disabled clients – even those who had high paying jobs when they could work – waiting for a disability insurance company to pay a claim or reverse a claim denial takes a serious financial toll.  All too often, savings run out.  Many have to tap into their 401k plan (if they are lucky enough to have one) or look for personal loans.   All too often, savings run so low that paying the rent and buying food become real problems.  I recently ran across a web resource that may provide some relief.  It is called www.211.org and it is a service of United Way that goes by the name “Call 2-1-1.”

At 211.org, you can find local resources for food, health care services, utility assistance, housing, rent assistance, and veterans support, among other things.  For example, our headquarters office is in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Tampa Bay 211 serves the Tampa & St. Petersburg area.  You can find their website at:   Call Tampa Bay 2-1-1. Here is just a partial list of resources and contacts on their site:

  • Shelter – emergency, low-income, and transitional housing
  • Bus Fare
  • Benefit Screening
  • Dental Clinic
  • Detoxification
  • Diabetes
  • Food Pantry and Free Daily Meals
  • Health Care
  • Prescription Drug and Expense Assistance
  • Suicide Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Utility Assistance
  • Veterans and VA Benefits

Their agency is Tampa Bay Cares, Inc.  You can find similar agencies all over the U.S.  On the main Dial 2-1-1 site, you simply enter your zip code and city, and you are directed to the local area 211 site or a local United Way office that performs a similar function.

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