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Erectile Dysfunction and Getting VA Disability – Diabetes, Rx Side Effects, and Other Causes

Can veterans get service connected disability for Erectile Dysunction (“ED”)?  Yes.  Many veterans who have diabetes or take certain types of medication, also suffer from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction. If your diabetes is service connected (because of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, for example) or you take medication for service-connected depression or PTSD, you can get rated for your ED on a secondary service connection basis (the ED condition should be rated as secondary to your already-rated directly service connected condition). Other medical conditions may also cause erectile dysfunction and can be the basis for a secondary service-connection claim.

In its regulations, the Department of Veterans Affairs classifies erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) under a category called “loss of a creative organ.”  When the VA grants service connection for ED, it often rates it at 0%, but pays the claim under a separate category called Special Monthly Compensation (“SMC”).  SMC benefits for conditions like ED are paid in addition to any service connected compensation you may have. The SMC rating will be designated as “SMC-k,” and will compensate you at about $100.00 per month.

The 0% rating described above will apply unless you suffer from some type of deformity to your penis. The diagnostic codes that would be applied in that situation are DC 7520, 7521, or 7522, and they provide:

     DC 7520

Penis, removal of half or more……30%  (0r rate as voiding dysfunction)

    DC 7521

Penis, removal of glans……20%  (or rate as voiding dysfunction).

     DC 7522

Penis, deformity, with loss of erectile power……20%

Proving Your Service Connection For My Erectile Dysfunction?

Most veterans do not suffer from a deformity problem though.  When you make your claim for erectile dysfunction, be sure to explain what you (or better yet, your doctor) believes the ED is related to.  VA raters often will not address secondary service connection to other conditions or medication side effects unless you give them a specific explanation of why they should consider anything other than direct service connection.


Has your claim for VA service connected compensation been denied?  VA Disability Attorney John Tucker handles service connected compensation claims in all 50 states.  Call (866) 282-5260 or complete our online contact form today to schedule a free consultation.

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    Is Peyronnies Disease[plaque in penis causing an unnatural bend] considered a deformity when combined with E.D.?

    I believe you can make that argument. This is not specified in VA’s regulations, and your specific factual circumstances should be argued to the VA. If you have not made a claim, you should do so as soon as possible.

    Does the medications[Viagra, Cialis, etc.] eliminate the SMC award for E.D.?

    No, just taking or being prescribed a medication for Erectile Dysfunction does not eliminate an award.

    I have ed but can not get help . I have agen Orange. I am getting a check for it. I have 4 by pass and 4 heart attack

    Have you applied for compensation because of your E.D. as a service-connected or secondary service-connected condition? If not, you should file a specific claim for it with the V.A. through your online eBenefits account.

    I am a Veteran and I’ve been going back and forth with VA regarding my disability and they’ve recently decreased my disability and they continue to deny my Sleep APNEA, ED, Hearing Loss and the decrease was for my Hypertension/High Blood pressure which all items are Service Connected either Primary or Secondary and now I’ve applied for disability for an Ankle injury that occurred which thru the years have effected my Knee and Back, but I just dont know what else to do, it appears I’m going in circles

    Thanks for your post. I know how frustrating the VA can be, and I am sorry you are having a hard time with them. If you are still within one year of your denials or the decision to decrease your rating, you can still appeal. You would do that by filing a Notice of Disagreement. Once you get a decision on a claim, you can hire an attorney too. We would be happy to talk with you about your claim. Please call us at (866) 282-5260 or contact one of our VA disability attorneys using our online form, and someone will call you back.

    I received an SMC K-1 rating. I was examined and have no penile deformity but there is a noticeable loss of erectile power due to High Blood Pressure medications. Would you recommend that I get re-evaluated or must there be a deformity with the loss of erectile power?

    If you have no deformity, but they approved SMC under K-1, they are paying you for the loss of use. I am not sure I understand your question. From the limited info in your comment, I cannot tell if you would be entitled to further benefits, but it sounds like you were properly rated from what you described.

    Would implant devices be classify as loss power at the 20%?

    Typically, no, not if the implant allows you to have an erection and achieve penetration. Similarly, it would not be a deformity rated at 20% unless you could show a loss of erectile power remains. See Coleman v. Shinseki, No. 13–0526, 2014 WL 646377 (Vet.App. 2014). You should be sure to tell VA about any loss of power that you have, even with the implant though. You should also explain any symptoms you have (numbness, lack of sensation, inability to ejaculate, etc.). You may be eligible for Special Monthly Compensation.

    had apnea secondary to PTSD denied; any way to proceed as reopening claim with more evidence?

    If you are still within one year from the date of your Rating Decision, you may appeal it by filing a Notice of Disagreement. You would only try to “reopen” it if you were past that one year, and you would do that by sending new evidence to the VA. There are a couple of studies out now that link sleep apnea to PTSD, and hopefully your psychologist and the physician treating your apnea have those. If you want to discuss your rights, please call us at (866) 282-5260.

    I take five blood pressure medicine. I was taken eight blood pressure medicine, until recently. I have had a problem with erection for a long time. Could I qualify for ED secondary to medicine?

    If your doctors are willing to write down that they think your ED is connected to your blood pressure problem or are a side effect of the medication, you can certainly qualify for ED as a secondary service connected claim. Talk with your doctors, and if they will do that for you, file your claim as soon as possible.

    Hi my father served in nam 1967 exposed to agent Orange 110 percent disabled service connection. He is 69 of age throat cancer heart problems copd diabetic ptsd.
    Im his son at the age 32 was told i was a diabetic also have spina bifda at the age 36 was told i needed a heart transplant also early age noticed i became erectile function
    My youngest daughter was born with spina bifida besides all these things i need to know if the united states army is responsible for these problems? Im 46 of age now and still waiting for a heart transplant at the uw in Washington state and im my fathers caregiver liven since 2011. I need some help

    I recommend you contact one of the Veterans Service Organizations like the Disabled American Veterans or American Legion for assistance filing any possible claims.

    I am rated at !00% unemployable. 40% for lower back. 70% ptsd. 20%left knee. Suffer from chronic ED, about to undergo penile implant thru the Va. Can I get a rating for ED. How can I be rated at 100% without unemployability?

    I am not sure I understand your question. You started off by saying you got “100% unemployable”…did you mean Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability? Even if you are rated schedular 100% (not TDIU), you could still get rated for ED. It may result in you getting additional compensation called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). VA pays SMC for E.D. under 38 U.S.C.A. § 1114 (k) for “loss of use of a creative organ.”

    I have a 30% disability rating for PTSD (Vietnam), and 10% for tinnitus. I also have 0% rating for a service connected wrist injury which I plan to appeal. I began suffering from a deformed penis about 15 years ago. I am now 70 years old. About 10 years ago I started suffering from ED. I have never seen a doctor about this since I just assumed it was age related. Is it too late to apply for any compensation from the VA regarding this issue?

    No, it is not too late! However, if you cannot show the VA why your service caused the condition, it will not be service-connected. You will need a physician to explain why it developed from your military service. Good luck!

    Mr. Tucker, I have had prostate cancer which required the removal of the prostate and subsequent radiation. I developed ED and can no longer function. I am a Vietnam Veteran. The VA is paying me for the prostate cancer 40% (was 100% before the surgery). They are paying me an additional $105 as SMC. They have rated my ED at 0% and show it as static disability.
    Why is the ED not given a % rating especially since they removed my prostate (organ or gland)? I have other issues which have been rated and I am now at 90% total. They are fighting me so as not to go up to the 100% total disability. Would appreciate your comments.

    By itself, ED is usually ratable under SMC(k). There is no specific rating code for ED that would get you a percentage rating, and SMC is designed to compensate you regardless of loss of use or severity, but instead is for the personal impact of the condition. Perhaps the way to get an increase is with any problems you have with urinary issues, and seeking a separate rating for that. They may have assessed that as part of your prostate cancer. Also, beware that they could always decrease your rating after reviewing your records if you file a new claim or claim for an increase, so think carefully before you do that.

    I should add that you could possibly get rated 20% for deformity with loss of use under Diagnostic Code 7522. You would have to see the combined tables to see how much more that would add to your benefits if you are already rated for other conditions.

    I had an adverse reaction to my medication for PTSD and nightmares which caused me to have an erection that lasted over 4 hours and had to be relieved by being drained by a DR in the ER. Since that happened I have had erectile dysfunction and have been prescribed Viagra. Since the doctor had to “deflate” my erection, my penis curves to the left when erect. What should my disability percentage be for this?

    I can’t give you a full legal opinion without seeing all of your records, but assuming your PTSD is service-connected and assuming what you stated is clearly found in your records, it sounds like you have a reasonable claim for a secondary service-connected claim for erectile dysfunction and should at least receive special monthly compensation – SMC(k) – which is a $103.54 per month added to any other benefits you get in 2017.

    My VA Claim has been denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs. My Claim was initially submitted for the followings: Dental Condition, High Cholesterol, Tonsillectomy, Hemorrhoids, Gynecomastia, Bilateral Knee Condition, Bilateral Foot Condition, Skin Disorder, Erectile Dysfunction, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, and Vision Loss, but they only considered Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

    If the VA’s Rating Decision did not mention the other conditions, they may still be considering those. If they specifically denied the other conditions, then I recommend that you consult an attorney for a possible appeal.

    I went to VA for ED 2012 once and never came back. I called VA again and have an appointment after 5 yrs. will VA still accept my claim even it was 2012 and never came back?

    Yes, they may. You can offer evidence through a statement of your own about whether you continued to have the problem after 2012 and if so, how often and how bad it was. Tell that to the doctor when you go back in.

    Taking anxiety pills causes ED, anxiety and panic attack is my primary disability. Can they raise up my disability rating? I’m a 90%

    it is certainly possible that you could get more compensation (at least through Special Monthly Compensation) if you are not already rated for your E.D. You to file a claim for that to get it rated, and claim it as secondary to your anxiety/panic attack claim due to the medications. Whether you could get a higher schedule rating, I cannot tell you, because I do not have enough information about all of your claims and your treatment at this point. Feel free to call us for a consultation at (866) 282-5260 if you want more info. Good luck!

    Ive been awarded comp for ptsd. I just put a claim in for erctile dysfunction and needed more info thx…

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope our site gave you the info that you need. Let me know if you have any questions….and good luck!

    If during the upcoming exam for E.D. the root cause of my E.D. is primarily caused by me Diabetes meds, what if any, can my benefits be? I have been under the V.A. care since mid 2000( approx. between 2009 2011) and I have been taking everything prescribed by my PCP’s since then. I’m not sure but, I started to lose my sex drive almost since then. I never really put too much interest into the claim, since my wife and I. both are in our early 70’s, and don’t have the usual connection, like we did before. I’m supposed to be interviewed by someone, on the 20th of this month, in regards to my claim.

    If it is secondary to your diabetes meds, you should be considered for special monthly compensation. Your diabetes will be rated separately.

    The VA awarded me Special Pay for E.D., but i want to know for how long I’ll be getting the special pay?

    It is not awarded for a set period of time. You get it for as long as you qualify, which could be the rest of your life.

    If a man’s ed is service related as a connection to service related diabetes will va pay for penile surgery to install a pump for erection.

    My claim is based on secondary meds as being problem with my ( E D ) does it have to be service connected first

    No, as long as your meds are being taken for a service-connected condition, the law allows ED to be secondarily service-connected based on the side effects of the meds. Good luck!

    I was granted service connection disability for Erectile Dysfunction and SMC VA Disability, my VA Doctor seem to limit my medication, is something I can challenge?

    Are you asking if you can challenge the medication your doctor is prescribing?

    Fighting the VA and I need help

    Please feel free to call us at (866) 282-5260 from anywhere in the USA to see if we can help.

    Denied SLEEP apnea. I have a machine. Guys in my unit can attest that I snore n stop breathing through out stay in service. My wife has been watching me sleep n waking me up for 25yrs

    Mr. Jones: If you have that kind of evidence, then it sounds like you should appeal. Please call us at (866) 282-5260 from anywhere in the U.S. is you want assistance with filing a Notice of Disagreement.

    100% diabled vet wanrs to kmow can iget smc k for sleep apnea and ed ptsd

    Hi Keith! Thank you for visiting my blog. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an opinion about your claims without more information. To protect your privacy, please call my office at (866) 282-5260. Our intake team will gather some initial information from you for me to review to see if I can assist you. John

    I’m a honorable discharged veteran seeking answers about ED compension

    Hi Ralph! Thank you for visiting my blog. Unfortunately, I am not sure what information you are looking for and cannot give you an opinion about your claims without more information. To protect your privacy, please call my office at (866) 282-5260. Our intake team will gather some initial information from you for me to review to see if I can assist you. John

    I’m a Vietnam war veteran who has been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for the past 10 y/o I would like to know if i’m eligible for compensation. I’m 100% service connected for post traumatic stress disorder.

    You might be. Has a doctor told you that your E/D is related to your PTSD? or the medication you are taking for your PTSD? If so, that would be “secondary service-connection,” and you should put a claim in for that. I do not know enough else about you to know if there may be another cause, but from what you told me, those are the two best leads. If no doctor has said that….ASK! Explain your circumstances, and they may readily tell you that PTSD or the meds are causing it. You would certainly need a doctor explaining why the PTSD or the meds were causing your ED though to get service-connection. Good luck and thanks for your comment! John Tucker

    Wondering if I have stable grounds for an appeal of denial of ED claim from the VA. Messed up my hip on active duty, and sex became painful (making it difficult to maintain an erection, if not impossible even through sheer willpower). Army doc perscribed sildenafil (which worked amazing), which resulted in my wife becoming pregnant just before deployment. I returned the day she gave birth, then ETS’d within a few months (making getting more pills in that time pointless due to birth of the child). Upon full separation from the Army (and no more prescription), sex became difficult again due to severe hip pain since it’s rather difficult to keep an erection while in pain. VA denied the ED aspect secondary to hip pain. Do I have a chance to appeal it based on timeline of the events surrounding it?

    If you can trace your medical records for your hip back to the injury in service (and that injury was documented by medical records too) AND the hip is service connected by VA, it sounds like you have a very reasonable claim for secondary service connection for the ED. You could use a letter from your wife also, tracking the history – she could help you document your hip injury, the ED at that time, and then the ongoing hip pain, and how it impacts you. They call that a buddy letter, but buddy letters do not have to come from people you served with…they can come from any person who has firsthand knowledge of facts. Good luck!

    I cannot find the name of ED on the disability compensation form online Ebenefits. What is the name they use? I have tried ED and Erectile Dysfunction.

    I was not aware of that since vets cannot hire attorneys to file claims. I would suggest looking for “loss of a creative organ” or look under the term “genitourinary.” Good luck with your claim.

    I filed for SMC K for ED as secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease (agent orange presumptive – awarded at 10%) a couple of years ago but was denied. At the time I just figured it wasn’t worth fighting over but since then VA Urology has prescribed Viagra which interacted with blood pressure meds then Cialis which didn’t work, then a pump which also didn’t work well and now we are trying injections. I just started the injections, first one didn’t work good enough for penetration either. Both my primary provider and urologist say that it is more than likely associated to either the heart disease or the meds I take for it. My question is can I file again and if it is awarded this time would I receive retroactively?

    Les: If you are still within one year of the Rating Decision for your erectile dysfunction, you should appeal by filing a Notice of Disagreement instead of filing a new claim or a request to re-open. That way, you preserve your effective date back to your original application. If one year has passed since the Rating Decision, then you should file a request to re-open the earlier claim and provide new and material evidence (which will be your doctor’s opinion that the ED is secondary to the heart or the medications you take for the heart). Good luck! John

    I would like to talk with you about my different claims that are “0%” and the claims that have been denied.

    Please feel free to call us toll-free nationwide at (866) 282-5260 to talk about any claims for VA service-connected compensation. You may also direct dial my new client relations team at (727) 471-1692). They will get some information from you to get you into our system and we will go from there.


    Im service connected for PTSD and I take mood medications and receive 4 viagras every couple of months do I qualify for extra ????

    Has any doctor told you that your ED problems are related to your mood Rx? If so, it seems that you should certainly apply for service connection and special monthly compensation for your Erectile Dysfunction.

    I’m a Vietnam Vet and have been rated at 10% for diabetes and originally 0% for service-connected disability of prostate cancer post radical prostatectomy. I also receive SMC for loss of creative organ. Two and a half years ago I filed a NOD to have my 0% for residuals of post radical prostatectomy overturned. They recently changed that decision and awarded me 20% for frequency and voiding issues for residuals of the prostatectomy. Along with this ruling they’ve given me a 0% rating for loss of erectile power under having the post radical prostatectomy. They also note a valuation of 20% for ED would require evidence of deformity with loss of erectile power. Since I originally filed my NOD and a couple months before receiving the SOC I developed Peyronie’s disease. I currently have no medical evidence of this. Should I leave this current NOD open by filing another NOD before the 60 days is up even though my Peyronie’s disease wasn’t even evident when I first filed.

    Based on what you said, do not file another NOD…You want to file a Form 9 (Appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals) if you received an SOC. You have to do that within 60 days of the date on the SOC. Your current appeal/claim stream will not stay alive if you do not do that.

    My view would be an penile deformity is already involved in your claim, particularly since they used it as one of the reasons why they denied your current claim. Incorporate all of your arguments into that appeal to the Board. Immediately get a doctor appointment set up to get your Peyronie’s Disease documented. They can and should rate your ED (based on SMC) and the deformity (based on the schedule) separately.

    Hello, im am curios. I have be and Anxiety and Depression meds for my Services connected Mental status. I have developed ED-Erectile Dysfunction due to the medications that I have been taking for several years. Can I be granted a percentage for a 2ndry condition? if so what could that percentage be?

    You can. You should have one of your doctors write a letter or put in their notes what the Rx side effects are doing (this will be your nexus statement), and immediately file a claim for secondary service-connection based on the side effect of the medication you are taking for your service-connected mental impairments. You likely will not get a rating percentage that pays you (it likely will be 0%), but you should get special monthly compensation added to your benefits. Good luck!

    I have 90% disability with 0%for my ED. I like to know more about it and why I only get 0%

    Check your aware of eBenefits and find out if you are getting Special Monthly Compensation. SMC benefits for conditions like ED are paid in addition to any service connected compensation you may have. The SMC rating will be designated as “SMC-k,” and will compensate you at about $100.00 per month. If you are not getting that, you should immediately apply for it.

    I have a rating for skin condition issues (more than 40% body coverage). I did submit a claim for loss of use. Exam completed already for ED as secondary to skin condition. Would that possibly be 0% with SMC-k?

    Yes, definitely. Keep in mind that you do not need to rely on VA’s examination. You can have one of your doctors write a letter explaining how your loss of use/ED is related to and caused by the skin condition. The key is that the skin condition must be service connected for you to get secondary service connection for the ED. Good luck!

    Do you have any information on agent orange and those who served in Vietnam on aircraft carriers. I was on the coral sea. And handled planes every day that dropped agent orange.

    That is a good question. The first place that I recommend that people start is the VA’s webpage titled “Agent Orange Exposure on U.S. Navy or Coast Guard Ships. VA maintains a list of ships called the Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents.” If your ship is not on that list, you will need some type of direct proof that you handled Agent Orange (such as photographs or statements from shipmates or others that have the knowledge to explain that you were in fact carrying Agent Orange on ship). Start with VA’s ship registry and go from there. Good luck!

    I am 70 percent ptsd but 100 percent service connected but not p and t. I put in for ED secondary and was denied

    If you can show why the ED resulted from the original service-connected condition, you should certainly appeal. Secondary service connection may be awarded when a disability “is proximately due to or the result of a service-connected disease or injury.” 38 C.F.R. § 3.310(a) (2014). That means that a condition that is direct service connected resulted in or caused another condition. “Additional disability resulting from the aggravation of a non-service-connected condition by a service-connected condition is also compensable under 38 C.F.R. § 3.310(a).” Allen v. Brown, 7 Vet.App. 439, 448 (1995) (en banc). You will likely need a physician’s opinion explaining the connection, or nexus, between the original condition and the ED. Good luck!

    Does filing for SMC-K open you up to a review?

    By itself, filing a new claim of any type does not open up all of your claims for a review any more than if VA reviewed your claims independently. Practically speaking, you are having someone put eyes on your claim file, and that may on rare occasion result in another claim being reviewed and reduced. However, if you are eligible for a benefit and your still qualify for all of the other claims on which you are receiving benefits, there is no reason to avoid filing a claim for SMC-k.

    my husband had prostate cancer and had bracket therapy done now he has a bowl problem we now sleep in separate bedrooms his choice he has let him self become a hermit he can no longer get an erection I need help

    If your husband has not filed a claim for VA service-connected compensation yet, he should file claims for 1) any urinary problems, 2) any bowel problems, and 3) for special monthly compensation due to his erectile dysfunction. He is not allowed to hire and pay an attorney to do that, but you can consult with one of the veterans service organizations for free assistance. If he has already been denied after filing a claim, we may be able to assist with an appeal. Please call us at 866-282-5260.

    Mr. Tucker, I have major depression disorder with severe anxiety already service connected. Since the doctor put me on medications for the above I have experienced E.D. a few months after I started taking those medications. Do I need a doctor statement that my medications are causing this issue? If so, how do I find a doctor outside the VA willing to do this as I have no insurance and only see doctors within the VA and none of them will provide any comments regarding claim evidence? I also have sleep apnea that is in an appeal status which is probably about a year or two out that is linked to my depression. I have provided such documentation and provider’s statement showing it is linked to my depression.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with that. You can certainly start by telling your doctors at the VA that you are experiencing E.D., and that it started once you began taking those medications. You could ask them if E.D. causes those, you could also research on line if E.D. is a side effect of those medications. You should certainly go ahead and file a claim for E.D. secondary to your depression and anxiety. Literally, any general practitioner that sees you should be able to provide that nexus opinion, but the psychiatrist prescribing your depression or anxiety medication should be able to give a nexus opinion on that also. If you file a claim, VA will likely to a compensation and pension examination, and if you have documented when your E.D. started in your treating doctor’s medical records and your mental health records, they should be able to conclude in your favor that the E.D. is secondary to those medications.

    As for your sleep apnea, I am not sure from your comment whether you are indicating that it is secondary to the depression or started during your service once you began experiencing depression. If you are having symptoms while you were in the service, I strongly recommend that you get Buddy’s statements from anyone that you can can talk about what they observed when you slept (joking, gasping, snoring, etc.). If it started later as your depressive symptoms worsened, you may be able to get a witness statement from a spouse or significant other they can talk about how it started when your depressive symptoms got worse and describe what they observed.

    Good luck!

    My prostrate was removed July 2018 for aggressive cancer and I had been certified under the Agent Orange program. Now I would like a penile implant. Will VA cover the cost. The doctor takes Medicare Part B, which I don’t have because VA covers all my medical issues, and even if I did get it there is $6,700 out of pocket before Part B pays.

    My understanding is that the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will cover implants based upon what some of my clients have told me. However, we do not handle health claims (we focus on the disability compensation side of the VA), so I cannot give you a rock solid legal opinion on that.


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