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Free or Low Cost Healthcare Assistance in Hillsborough County – Tampa

Many of my clients in Tampa that are applying for disability insurance benefits find themselves in such a bad financial situation that they cannot afford to continue seeing a doctor.  This is very bad for their case, because every disability insurance plan requires you to provide evidence of your disability from a doctor to be approved.  It is a horrible Catch-22.  I cannot stress enough how important medical care is in a disability insurance or ERISA disability benefit claim, so please help yourself by using any resources to find medical care that you can.

One option you have if you are looking for free or low-cost healthcare resources in Hillsborough County, Florida – including Brandon, Tampa, New Tampa, and Temple Terrace – is the Hillsborough County Health Department.  Here is their contact information:



1105 Kennedy Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33602

Services: Immunizations – free for children, low-cost for adults; Child health services; Testing and treatment for STDs, HIV and tuberculosis; Primary care including home visits; Pharmacy services; free insulin, epilepsy drugs and rheumatic fever drugs; Maternity care

Hopefully, you have the funds to pay for healthcare to help your disability insurance case.  If you don’t, do not hesitate to contact the Hillsborough County Health Department if you live in Apollo Beach, Brandon, Tampa, or anywhere else  in Hillsborough County.  Getting medical care is crucial to a your proving your disability claim, and you will hurt your claim if you do not see a doctor regularly.

Tampa Disability Insurance Disability Attorney John Tucker can be reached at (813) 594-5000.  

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