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Government Shutdown Hitting Federal Courts

The federal government shutdown may begin impacting people with disability claims that are being litigated in court.  Many disability cases wind up in federal court.  That is because most are related to employee benefits, and a federal law called ERISA – the Employee Retirement Income Security Act – regulates those cases.  Many other policies which people buy on their own involve a significant amount of money, and those can also qualify for federal court jurisdiction. How the federal government shutdown will impact cases pending in federal court is just beginning to be seen

Yahoo is reporting that the funding for federal courts is set to run out this week.  In a piece titled, Justice’s wheels Slowed as Shutdown Hits Courts, Matt Volz and Gillian Flaccus, explain:  “The government shutdown is slowing the wheels of justice in federal courts by delaying civil cases, forcing prosecutors to operate with skeleton staffs and raising uncertainty about the system’s immediate future if the stalemate continues past Thursday.

That’s when federal courts officials expect the reserve funds they have been using since the Oct. 1 start of the shutdown will run out.”

Read the rest of their article at:  https://news.yahoo.com/justices-wheels-slowed-shutdown-hits-courts-041603169.html;_ylt=A2KJ3CRuiltSykEA4An_wgt.

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