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House Passes Opioid Legislation

On May 11, 2016, the House passed various bills addressing a big problem in modern medicine – narcotic pain medication addiction.  Instead of adopting the Senate’s Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, a bipartisan measure which passed the senate 94-1 in March, the House bills are more focused on prevention and law enforcement, rather than treatment and recovery.  Another 18 bills on the subject are being considered this week in the House.

All too often, physicians throw pills at patients who suffer from chronic pain.  The statistics show that 100 people a day are dying from drug overdoses, many related to painkillers.  As disability attorneys, we watch our clients struggle to avoid opioid dependency, and often have to suggest to clients and family members that they take action to address addiction.  The side effects of these strong narcotic medications are often disabling by themselves.  Unfortunately, it is a Hobson’s Choice – picking between horrendous pain and the medications to relieve the pain.

We are hopeful that the politicians in Washington take the time to create bipartisan legislation that truly helps those who suffer from opioid dependency, rather than just focusing on closing down pill mills, like so much of the government focus has been at the state level.

For a good detailed article on the bill which passed the House and the politics of opioid legislation, read more at: The House Just Passed Opioid Legislation, But There’s Still a Fight Ahead. 

Other excellent articles on the topic include:  House Passes Package of Bills to Fight Opioid Addiction, and House Takes First Steps On Opioid Bills.


C.D.C. Painkiller Guidelines Aim to Reduce Addiction Risk.

1 in 3 American Blame Doctors for national Opioid Epidemic


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