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How Social Media Can Destroy Your Disability Insurance Claim

Disability insurance investigators are trolling the internet looking for your social media posts. You may not realize it, but a picture or video, or even what you think are a few innocuous words, can spell disaster for your disability claim.  Here are some recent examples of simple social media posts that people that have contacted our office about after being terminated by their disability insurance company:

  • A disability investigator saw a picture of a who they thought was our client posted on Facebook.  The person was on a dock fishing.  It turned out to be a “throwback Thursday” pic from a couple of years before our client became disabled!
  • One disability adjuster saw a picture of a person running in a 5k road race…but it was actually our client’s daughter!
  • Another client posted that they had been out to a food and wine festival and had a great time.  Their disability insurance claim representative saw the post, and decided that our client was not being honest on her claim forms saying that she had limitations.  Of course, the adjuster did not bother to call our client to find out that she had not been outside for weeks before she went to the festival, and she had to be pushed around in a wheelchair during the total of 3 hours she went out that day.
  • Another client maintained and posted on his LinkedIn account, despite not being able to work.  He hoped to get back to work someday, but he made it appear like he was working now.

These are just a few examples of how social media posts can harm your disability claim.  Even though they are just a snapshot of your life, a disability claim rep can take them out of context and blow them out of proportion.

5 Tips for Using Social Media if You Have a Disability Claim:

  1. Don’t.  Do NOT use social media at all.  Seriously.
  2. See number 1.  Really, it is that much of a problem.
  3. If you insist on using social media, make sure you know how to use the maximum privacy setting, and set your privacy settings to MAX.  But know this:  max privacy does not make you invisible.
  4. Make sure you hide your friends, and do not let your friends tag you.
  5. Do NOT post on anyone else’s “wall” or a professional page.  Never post a comment on the web….ever.

For more tips about using Social Media and an example of how one disability insurer used the Facebook account of a client’s teenage daughter to cut off her benefits, view the video at the top of this page. 

Remember, once on the web always on the web.  Your posts will never go away.  When you post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media outlet, you are giving the disability insurance company free surveillance.   A disability adjuster is happy to cyberstalk you…it is a cheap and easy way to find things they think they can use to cut you off.  Why put yourself in that position?  Protect yourself from their stalking and any misunderstanding they could get from social media.  Even if it can all be explained, the hassle of getting cut off is going to cost you time and money.  Is it really worth that?


If you have been denied Long Term Disability Insurance benefits or have questions about social media impacting your LTD claim, call our Disability Insurance Attorneys at (866) 282-5620.
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