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How to Find the Amount Social Security Disability Will Pay You

You may need to know how much your Social Security Disability payment will be for your SSD claim or your Long Term Disability case.  Here’s how to find out.

How much a person gets if they are approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) depends on the earnings they reported on their taxes in the years before they became disabled.  People that earn more pay more taxes; and the more you earn, the higher your SSD benefit.  The average monthly Social Security disability payment to a disabled worker was approximately $1,166 in March 2016.  You can easily find out how much your monthly SSD will be online.

I have a Long Term Disability insurance case.  Why would my LTD lawyer need to know how much SSD is going to pay me?

Knowing what this amount will be is important in a claim for Long Term Disability Insurance, because most LTD insurance plans reduce their payments by the amount you receive (or will receive) for Social Security Disability.  Disability policies, particularly group policies, often include this in a section called “Other Income.” This is particularly true in group employer disability plans covered under a federal law called ERISA.  Your disability insurance attorney needs to know this to calculate the amount of money that the disability insurance company should be paying you.

Knowing this amount may also impact how much your LTD attorney is charging you.  In most case, the disability attorney should only charge you on the net LTD payment you receive after your SSD amount is deducted.  Knowing what your SSD payment will save you money on your the attorney fees you pay in your LTD case.

See John Tucker’s video, Can The Insurance Company Subtract SSD from What They Pay Me?, in our Video Vault for more information about Social Security offsets in disability insurance policies.

Here is how to get your Social Security Disability benefit amount online:

You may remember the old the 11 x 17 Earnings Statement with green trim showing up in your mailbox once a year.  It was folded in half to show 4 pages of information about your Social Security account. Well, that got too expensive for the government, and in  March of 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped mailing those to save money.  Now, you must get Your Social Security Statement online.

The good news is that the Social Security website gives you the same information as the old paper form, and you can get it any time.  Below, you will see a picture of Social Security’s homepage,  https://www.ssa.gov/.   Go to that page, and click on the mySocial Security area shown by the arrows in the picture below (double-click to enlarge the screenshot):

Social Security's Homepage

Social Security’s Homepage

That will take you to a page that looks like this:

Create or Sign In to Your mySocial Security Acccount

Create or Sign In to Your mySocial Security Acccount

Click on “Sign In or Create an Account” (highlighted, next to the arrow in the picture above).     Keep following the prompts, and once you create your account, you can access your information, including a statement that tells you what you will be paid each month if you are approved for Social Security Disability.

You will want to send your Social Security Statement to your Long Term Disability Insurance attorney or Social Security Disability attorney, because it has important information they can use in your case.

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