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Top Tips You Need to Know to Apply for Short or Long Term Disability Insurance

Tucker Law Group
September 4, 2017

When you are confronted with a sickness or an injury that stops you from working, it can be scary knowing you are losing your income.  Trying to figure out how to apply and not get denied for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability Insurance can be challenging, particularly when you are on dealing with a disability.  You and your family need your disability income benefits to pay the bills, and you  owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about applying for disability insurance.

As Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability lawyers, we focus our practice on advising people like you in Disability claims.  We have put together some of our best tips to help you understand how to apply for Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability insurance and what to do when you apply.  Below, you will find links to videos and articles on 1) things to do when you apply and how to talk to the Disability Insurance company and their investigators, 2) understanding ERISA – the federal law that covers employee benefits and how ERISA might impact your Disability Insurance, and finally 3) specific limitations and restrictions you want to talk about in your Disability Insurance application paperwork.  Click on the links below to watch our videos and to read more:

Basic tips on applying for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability Insurance:

There are things you can do before you stop working that will help you disability claim.  Even if your disability came out of the blue (such as, from an injury), there are things you need to know to avoid being denied.  Getting the application papers from your insurance agent or your employer’s Human Resources office is the easy part.  Here are several basic tips you need to know from there:

VIDEO:  The First Steps In Applying for Short Term or Long Term Disability Benefits

VIDEO:  5 Critical Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Long Term Disability Claim

If you have Disability Insurance through work, you need to know about the federal ERISA law:

Most people have their Disability Insurance through their employer’s group plan, and that changes a lot of things about the application process and their rights.  The more you know about the federal employee benefits law called ERISA, the better.  Learn more about ERISA in these articles:

ERISA – Frequently Asked Questions

Specific things you want to talk about in your Disability Insurance application:

It is natural to think that you should be able to give their medical records to your Disability Insurance company and that will be enough to get approved for disability.  Unfortunately, that is rarely enough.  You need details about why you cannot work.  There are also things to understand about what types of problems you need to tell the Disability Insurance company about.Here are some video and blog resources to help you understand the kinds of information you need to win your claim:

VIDEO:  You Need More Than Medical Records to Prove Your Disability Claim

Disability is About Your Restrictions & Limitations, Not Just Your Diagnosis

Things That Would Keep Your From Being on Time or Attending Work


Applying for Disability Insurance can be complex, but knowing as much as you can about the process will help you win your claim.  Be thorough and be careful in making your application, and understand how the law can impact your rights.  The Disability Insurance company is looking for a reason to deny your claim, so be careful and get assistance from family or an attorney if you feel you are not 100% able to handle the application on your own.

IMPORTANT:  If you apply on your own, but you get denied, watch our video on 3 Reasons Not to File Your Own Long Term Disability Appeal before you file an appeal.

If you need assistance applying for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits, or if your insurance company is dragging their feet or denied your claim, call our experienced disability benefits attorneys for a free consultation at (866) 233-5044.