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Obama Administration Takes Steps to Assist Those on Social Security Disability In Getting Student Loans Forgiven

The Washington Post is reporting that the Obama administration has taken steps to assist disabled people obtain forgiveness for the student loan debts.  The Department of Education is working with the Social Security Administration to identify those receiving Social Security Disability benefits who are also in default on their student loans.  The story explains that

Working with the Social Security Administration, the department has been identifying borrowers receiving disability payments and have the specific designation of “Medical Improvement Not Expected,” which indicates they are eligible for the discharge. The agencies found 387,000 matches in its first review. About 179,000 of those people are currently in default on their loans, putting them at risk of losing their tax refunds and having their Social Security benefits garnished.

Over the next 16 weeks, student loan borrowers who were identified in the matching program between the two agencies should receive a letter explaining what the disabled person needs to do to obtain a discharge of their student loan debt.

To see the full story at its source, visit Obama to forgive the student debt of permanently disabled people

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