Letter to the Editor

The issues that brought the V.A. to the forefront is inexcusable and those individuals should be terminated; along with criminal charges if their actions cross the line from misconduct to criminal, no holds barred.
What I would like to bring forward is the systemic problem that I believe runs all way through the V.A. System. These problems come up periodically V.A. staff know it; they also know that as long play ball and hold the V.A. party line they will still be there after all is said and done. The hierarchy of the V.A. is untouchable. A new appointee will not change that.
I have issues with the addition of my wife of 42 years to my claim. All of her information was submitted at the same time as my claim. When I received my award letter they said they had all of my wife’s information with the exception n of her SSAN. Somehow it hadn’t been entered into the system. I responded to their request within three working days of receipt of my award letter. That was in June of last year. I contacted the V.A. in August of 2013 to confirm they had all the information they required my wife’s SSAN was in the system. To date my monthly award has not increase to include my dependent.
When I called the V.A. I was told that they process it as a new claim and it would take approximately 14 months. On like a new claim it doesn’t have to go through the rating process; they are creating their own back log.
In December I logged into the E-Benefit page and it stated the scheduled completion date is 5 May 2014.
When in May I Called the VA I told that date was based on averages throughout the system and Los Angeles still takes 14 Months.
I filed a request with Congresswomen Brownley office in March to date I haven’t heard back from her office. I called the VA this morning and ask to talk to a claims representative in the Los Angeles office. They that wasn’t possible the drones on the phone don’t have phone number to give me. I ask to talk to a supervisor and was told she didn’t have a supervisor. It looks like my only solution is to drive to West Los Angeles to see if I break the dead lock. Or at least understand why such a simple activity is so taking too long.
Total reorganization from the top down is the only way to change this system. With an oversight committee manned with Veterans from Vietnam Era forward. Officers Enlisted both NCO’s and younger ranking Vets. All should be using the VA system in some way.
I realize my case is small potatoes there are enough small potatoes life mine that could use the money due time today not 14 months from now.
Being a Veteran from Ventura County and I know that Councilwomen Brownley has lite a fire under V.A. LA booty; I wouldn’t doubt that all claims from Ventura a being place at the bottom of the barrel to show who is in charge.
E-Benefit site is support to give current up to date information. So in checking I noticed they have my representative as the VFW. I changed it to the Ventura County VSO two years ago. When I questioned that I was told was changed in the main files. E-Benefits is still incorrect a month later.
The VA wants you to use a site believe it is accurate when time and time again you find it in error and notified they do nothing to correct it.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail
to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—
that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
—Herbert Spencer