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VIDEO: Is A Long Term Disability Buyout Settlement A Good Idea For You?

Watch this video as Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney John V. Tucker explains lump sum buyouts in Disability Insurance claims and gives you information to decide if a lump sum settlement is right for you. When you are approved for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits, you receive a monthly payment.  Sometimes, the LTD Insurance company […]

VIDEO: Learn How Disability Insurance Companies Cut You Off Without Ever Sending to You to Their Doctor for An Exam

If you have been dealing with a Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance company or ERISA Disability Plan Administrator, you need to beware that they may try to cut you off without a medical examination.  Some people think the Disability Insurer has to send you to a so-called “independent medical examination,” but that is not the […]

Life Insurance Company of North America Uses Interpleader Procedure to Resolve Life Insurance Dispute

A Utah court approved the use of the federal interpleader procedure for Life Insurance Company of North America in a dispute over life insurance benefits.  Life Insurance Co. of North American (LINA) is a Cigna company which issues group insurance benefits to employers.  Interpleader is a type of lawsuit used by a party who has […]

Cigna Loses Group Disability Case Based on Depression and Anxiety

Some predict that depression will be the leading cause of disability by 2020. Life Insurance Company of North America, a Cigna company that insures group disability plans, has lost a short term disability case in a Pennsylvania federal court.  Cigna insures the disability plan for Quest Diagnostics, a national medical laboratory company.  A Quest employee […]

What Can I Do If Cigna Takes Too Long To Decide My ERISA Long Term Disability Claim?

In my last post, How Long Can Cigna Take To Decide My ERISA Long Term Disability Claim?, I explained the federal law that spells out Cigna’s deadlines for deciding your disability insurance claim and how long an  ERISA administrator like Cigna may take to decide a claim or appeal.  In this article, I want to explain […]

Cigna Enters Into $77 Million Regulatory Settlement Over Disability Claims Handling.

The Day/Connecticut is reporting that Cigna has entered into a $77 million dollar regulatory settlement.   The online story explained that “Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi announced today that a regulatory settlement had been reached with CIGNA that calls for the company to set aside $48 million as it continues to re-evaluate claims. Another $29 […]

Senate Asks Disability Insurers to Turn Over Information About How They Handle LTD Claims

The New York Times is reporting today that Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, has sent information requests to 9 Disability Insurance companies requesting information about how they handle Long Term Disability (“LTD”) Insurance claims. The 9 companies are Aetna, Cigna, Hartford, Lincoln (who recently bought Jefferson Pilot), MetLife, […]

Insurers Faulted as Overloading Social Security

The following is a story quoted From the New York Times: By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH Published: April 1, 2008 The Social Security system is choking on paperwork and spending millions of dollars a year screening dubious applications for disability benefits, according to lawsuits filed by whistle-blowers. Jessica Ortiz of San Diego said her disability insurer […]


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