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Dept. of Labor Proposed Delays on New Disability Benefit Plan Regulations

On October 10, 2017, the U.S. Department of Labor announced its proposal to delay the effective date of new claims procedure regulations that were passed in 2016 for group disability benefit plans offered through employers.  These plans are governed by federal employee benefits law ERISA – the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  Even though the […]

System rigged? No, not the election…but employee benefits sure are.

It’s election day, and we are hearing all about the alleged system rigging from politicians.  While I have faith in our democracy, let me tell you about something that is rigged – your employee benefits at work.  The word “rigging” has been used since 1775 to describe the process of swindling or tricking someone.  As […]

Denied Benefits Under Your Employer’s Group Insurance Plan? You Must Appeal Before Filing Suit.

Claims under employer group insurance plans must be appealed before filing suit. If you apply for insurance benefits through an employer sponsored plan, there are federal regulations which govern the claim process.  Federal law applies because employer sponsored plans are covered under ERISA – the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  One of the most important […]

Is it an ERISA Plan or Not? Court Allows Discovery to Decide if AD&D Policy is ERISA Plan

ERISA – The Employee Retirement Income Security Act A Nevada federal judge has allowed an insurance company to get discovery into whether an Accidental Death (AD&D) insurance policy was a group plan or not.  That is a crucial fact in insurance cases, because there are huge differences between state law which regulates individual policies and […]

NOT ERISA: Employer Benefit Plans That Are NOT Covered by ERISA

ERISA – The Employee Retirement Income Security Act Yesterday’s article, What Types of Employer Benefit Plans Are Covered by ERISA, explained how most employer benefit plans are subject to the federal benefit law called ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  Today, we are going to talk about the types of employer benefit plans that […]

Conflict of Interest in ERISA Plan Decisions – Disability Insurance Companies

Scenario:  A disability insurance company is deciding claims for your employer’s disability plan…a plan they also insure.  The insurance company is deciding disability claims under its own insurance policy.  Question:  Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Insurers that decide claims under the insurance policies they write to fund ERISA plans have a conflict of interest. […]

Cigna Loses Group Disability Case Based on Depression and Anxiety

Some predict that depression will be the leading cause of disability by 2020. Life Insurance Company of North America, a Cigna company that insures group disability plans, has lost a short term disability case in a Pennsylvania federal court.  Cigna insures the disability plan for Quest Diagnostics, a national medical laboratory company.  A Quest employee […]


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