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Is There a Grace Period in Florida To Pay Your Life Insurance Premiums Late?

Every state has different, though similar, law that applies when someone does not pay their life insurance premium on time.  You have to look at the law of the state that applies to your life insurance policy (usually the state in which the policy was delivered).  In Florida, there is a 30 day grace period […]

Does a Life Insurance Company Have to Give Written Notice of Cancelling a Life Insurance Policy for Non-Payment of Premium?

Premium notices are a longstanding custom in the insurance industry.  However, the practice of providing notice by itself generally does not bind an insurer to doing so, nor does it alter an insured’s duty to pay.  However, when an insurer has the practice of giving notice of payments for a length of time that leads […]

Does Your Life Insurance Policy Require That a Notice of Premium Lapse Be Sent to a Secondary Address Before Termination?

One of the most common ways that life insurance companies avoid claims is to terminate coverage when someone fails to pay their premium.  This is called “lapse,” and a policy may be canceled for failing to pay the premium.  However, in some states, life insurance companies have to send a premium notice to a secondary […]


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