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Restrictions vs. Limitations in Long Term Disability Claims

A Diagnosis or a Doctor’s Note Are Usually Not Enough to Get Long Term Disability Doctors often have to complete Disability Insurance forms explaining their patients’ Restrictions & Limitations Many people think that a diagnosis for a doctor and note that puts them out of work is enough to win a Long Term Disability insurance […]

Talking About Your Limitations Is Crucial to Winning Disability Claims

Telling Others About Your Limitations and Restrictions is Crucial In a Disability Claim. A man called me the other day and explained the many reasons why he was not able to work.  He had filed for disability, but the insurance company and Social Security denied his claims.  He told me about his diabetes and how […]

Judge Upholds Aetna Denial of Disability Claim Where Claimant Shows Symptoms But Fails to Prove Limitations and Restrictions

People call our law firm every day amazed that a disability insurance company denied their Long Term Disability claim.  We we ask what they gave the LTD company, the usual answer is “my doctor’s notes.”  Those notes usually just document a physical or mental exam and a diagnosis….almost always there is nothing more.  And, that […]

It is not the diagnosis, but the symptoms that are disabling.

For many people that file a Short Term Disability (STD) or Long Term Disability (LTD) claim, they believe that having a disease or injury with a label from a doctor is enough to prove they are disabled.  It is not.  Simply because a doctor has given you a diagnosis – no matter what it is […]

DISABILITY BENEFIT TIP: Restrictions and Limitations

What your doctor types into your medical records can help you disability case. When you file for disability benefits through a disability insurance company, ERISA plan, or the Social Security Administration, it can be helpful to have your doctor complete a questionnaire that specifies what your restrictions and limitations are. You can create a questionnaire […]


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