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Can’t sit for 4 Hours? Court says you can’t do “sedentary work.”

“Sedentary Work” Disability insurance companies often deny Long Term Disability (LTD) claims by saying that claimants can do “sedentary work.”  They rarely define that phrase.  Sometimes, it seems to mean people that can generally do sitting work, and other times disability adjusters use it to mean people that can lift up to 10 pounds.  But […]

Disability Denied? They Say You Can do Sedentary Work… What Is Sedentary Work?

Does “Sedentary Work” just mean sitting in a chair? The disability denial letter said that your claim was denied, because they decided you could do “sedentary work.”  What does that mean?  A sitting job? “You Can Do Sedentary Work” – A Boilerplate Denial Phrase in LTD, SSD, and VA Disability Claims Perhaps the most common […]

If you need a cane or a walker, be sure to tell your Disability Insurance company.

Sitting work is called “Sedentary” by vocational rehabilitation experts and disability insurance companies. Many people think that sedentary work is not impacted when you need to use a cane, walker, or other device to help you get about. In jobs that require more skills, like higher level desk jobs that rarely require carrying things, it […]

How Does the Need to Sit and Stand Make a Person Disabled From Sedentary Work?

Although not binding on disability insurance companies, Social Security Ruling 96-9p explains: An individual may need to alternate the required sitting of sedentary work by standing (and, possibly, walking) periodically. Where this need cannot be accommodated by scheduled breaks and a lunch period, the occupational base for a full range of unskilled sedentary work will […]

What is “Sedentary” Work?

Many insurance companies deny Disability Insurance claims because they say a person is able to do “sedentary” work, and therefore not disabled.  What exactly is sedentary work? The different strength classifications of work (sedentary, light, heavy, very heavy) come from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  However, the Social Security has expanded […]


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