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Does the Insurance Company or the Employer Pay Penalties for Failure to Produce Group Plan Documents?

A Federal Law Called ERISA Gives an Employer Plan 30 Days to Produce a Copy of the “Summary Plan Description” The majority of people under age 65 in the USA have their disability, health, and life insurance through group plans sponsored by their employers.  For people that work for a company other than the government […]

How do I get a copy of my company’s ERISA Summary Plan Description?

If you have employee benefits through your job, you are participating in an ERISA plan. That is a benefit plan covered by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. If you want to know the rules that apply to your ERISA plan, you have to get the Plan’s Summary Plan Description (abbreviated “SPD”). For example, […]

What is an ERISA Summary Plan Description and How Do I Get Mine?

If you have benefits through work, your employer or union benefit plan is required by law to have a document that summarizes the key terms of the benefit plan. The law is called ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The summary is just that, a summary of the rules of the Plan.However, the law […]


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