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United of Omaha Tagged With $81,205 in Attorney Fees in ERISA Disability Case

Robert Kaiser had to file a lawsuit against United of Omaha in federal court in Wisconsin because United of Omaha had denied long term disability benefits to his wife, Dee Kaiser.  Mrs. Kaiser suffered from Sage IV lung cancer, yet United of Omaha (a company affiliated with Mutual of Omaha) refused to pay.  Mr. Kaiser beat United of Omaha, but not until after Mrs. Kaiser had died.

When Mr. Kaiser tried to recover attorneys fees and court costs from the disability insurance company, United of Omaha even fought him then.  It challenged how much time his attorneys had worked on the case.  Of course, they had beaten United.  The court even described many of the the insurance company’s arguments as “sufficiently silly that no discussion” about them was required to reject them.

The U.S. District Judge awarded Mr. Kaiser $81,205.00 in attorney fees and $935.84 in court costs.

Case:  Robert Kaiser v. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, d/b/a Mutual of Omaha and Group Long-Term Disability Policy GLTD-AMMA, No. 14-cv-762-wmc, 2016 WL 6581355 (Nov. 4, 2016).


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