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AETNA‘s Disability Operation Was Bought by The Hartford. What Does That Mean for Your AETNA Disability Claim?

Tucker Law Group
April 12, 2021

If you have a disability claim with Aetna, you need to know that The Hartford has bought Aetna’s Disability Insurance operation, and that this could affect your claim and the benefits you receive.  You may need to take actions to safeguard your benefits if you are already receiving them.

Hartford is now handling Aetna’s claims, and Hartford has historically been more rigorous in how they approach claims.  For example, they have adjusters look at files more regularly, they send out more forms for you to fill out, and they have their own doctors review medical records behind your back to write reports on how you are not disabled.  They have been known to send claimants out to see doctors they choose, towards these same ends.  You can expect these types of changes in how your claim will be handled.
Hartford did not make money on these policies before the claims were made, and they’ll be looking to cut off benefits for these claims.  If you had a claim that was paid by Aetna, you may notice more activity on your file, and you may even notice you are under surveillance.  Adjusters may be looking at your claim more closely, and they may be doing credit polls if you have given authorization.  They may also be monitoring your social media accounts.

There are steps you can take to protect your claim.  Visit the doctor regularly and let the doctors know how your problems are keeping you from working.  Tell your friends and family about your experience, and keep a regular disability journal of your symptoms to document what you can’t do and any changes in your condition.  Keep it dated, and explain what it is like to have your condition and its effects, including why you cannot work.  Include information on medication side effects in addition to your limitations and restrictions.

You can expect changes in your Aetna disability claim, but there are steps you can take.  If you experience issues with your claim, we can help.  Watch the video to learn more.
At Tucker Law Group we handle these cases every day. If your disability claim has been denied, or if you have any additional questions, call Tucker Law Group at (866) 233-5044, or review our videos and media library for more information.

Video Transcript
Aetna's Disability Operation was bought by Hartford. What does that mean for you? If you have a disability claim with Aetna I'm John Tucker, I'm a disability insurance attorney. I represent people in group, disability, insurance cases that they've filed through their employers, disability plans all across the United States. Many people are insured or were insured by Aetna, and they don't know that Hartford has bought Aetna’s book of business. You probably have noticed it if you have an active Aetna claim, because you've started to see Hartford letterhead instead of Aetna letterhead, if you haven't it's coming. So what does that mean for you? What it means for you is that instead of Aetna's claim handling operation, you're now dealing with Hartford. Hartford historically was more aggressive in their claims handling that Aetna; they handle claims more rigorously. How does that go? They had adjusters look at files more regularly. They sent more forms. They had doctors review files behind the scenes, and write reports explaining why people are not disabled. Sometimes they even send people out for an examination by a doctor they pick. Aetna did not do that as much.

More importantly, Hartford's taking over this operation. They didn't make money on premium on all those claims on the front end; they're looking to cut people off. And we've started to see it as more clients I've come into our firm who've been cut off by Hartford that had Aetna claims. Particularly for you, if you have a claim that's been paid by Aetna, beware. You may be facing heightened activity on your file that you don't even know about. They may send out surveillance. The adjuster may be taking more of a rigorous look at your claim. They're probably doing credit pulls, if you’ve given an officer association to do that. They're probably looking at you on social media. Beware of all this and the way you combat it: go to the doctor regularly, make sure your doctors know all the problems that are keeping you from working still, tell your friends and family what's going on. Let them understand what it's like to be inside your skin, and keep a disability journal.

If you're not keeping a disability journal, start today, write down what's happening in your world. Write down what your symptoms are, how bad things are, write examples down of things you can't do, or you can't do as well. If it hurts you so bad that you can't reach into your refrigerator to pull a half a gallon of milk out, put that in your notes, write down how often that happens to you. Just an example of something, but write down as much as you can think about that would help somebody understand what it's like to be you, and why you can't work.

Beware of what's happening with Hartford. Now that they've taken over Aetna’s disability insurance operation. If you're having a problem with Hartford, or if you just have questions, call us at the number on your screen. I'm John Tucker, and I represent people all over the country in cases just like yours. We have lots of experience with Hartford, I'm talking hundreds of cases. We can help you. Thank you for watching.