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Crohn’s or Colitis Keeping You from Working? 3 Tips to Help With Your Disability Insurance Claim

Tucker Law Group
December 7, 2020

Are you unable to work because of Crohn’s or Colitis symptoms?  Here are three strategies to help you win your disability insurance claim.  

First, be sure to visit the doctor.  As it is likely not practical to visit the doctor whenever you are experiencing an issue with your condition, you need to manage the relationship with your doctor by calling, emailing, or faxing when you do experience these issues.  This helps you and your doctor to document the frequency and severity of your Crohn’s or Colitis.  The insurance company likely does not believe your condition is as bad as it is, so you need to build this documentation to support your claim.  

Second, while it may be embarrassing, you need to make sure your family and friends know and understand how your symptoms affect your life.  Perhaps they are not aware, or maybe they have noticed but they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  They best way they can be supportive is if they know and understand your condition.  Have this conversation with your friends and family so they will be in a position to make a statement if a situation develops in which this is needed to support your case.  

Third, keep a journal to document your condition, including records detailing the frequency of your episodes, the number of your bathroom trips, and the amount of time spent in the bathroom.  While it is embarrassing, an effective component of this journal is to include photographic and video documentation of your episodes while in the bathroom.  Include a date and time stamp.  You need to understand the insurance adjuster seeks to demonstrate that you are lying, and this is a way to prove how your condition negatively affects your life and your ability to work.  Watch the video to learn more.  

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Video Transcript
Here's three strategies for helping you win your Crohn's or colitis disability insurance claim. I'm John Tucker, and I'm a disability attorney. I represent people in group ERISA disability claims all over the country. Those are claims filed through an employer's group disability plan. Many of my clients have Crohn's or colitis, and they fight insurance companies, because insurance companies don't believe the symptoms are as bad as they say. I want to give you three strategies that you can use to fight the insurance company.

First, go to the doctor. I recognize that your symptoms happen so frequently that you can't go to the doctor every single time you have an episode, so call the doctor. Fax the doctor notes. Email them. Have a relationship with your doctor to help you document in their office how frequently and how severe your Crohn's or colitis is. Second, don't hide your symptoms from your friends and your family. I know it can be embarrassing, but let people know how bad your symptoms are. Those people may be your best ally in a claim, because they may be able to give a statement at some point to help others understand how bad it is for you. Maybe they've noticed for years and they've just never wanted to talk with you about your symptoms, because they didn't want you to feel bad. Have a conversation with your friends and family.

Finally, keep a journal. Keep a record of how often you're having episodes, how often you have to go to the bathroom, how long you're in the bathroom. Now, you may not like this tip. Consider this 3A. Take pictures when you're in the bathroom. Set up a camera. Set up a video camera with a date and a time stamp on it. That adjuster thinks you're lying. Prove to them you're not lying with a journal. Really prove to them you're not lying with a video journal. It may not be comfortable, and I know it's embarrassing, but these people don't want to pay you. You need to get your claim paid. If your claim has been denied for Crohn's or colitis and you have a disability and can't work, call me at the number on your screen. I'm John Tucker. Thanks for watching.