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Disability Claim with Prudential? 3 Secrets They Aren’t Going to Tell You About Your Claim

Tucker Law Group
November 23, 2020

If you have a disability claim with Prudential, there are three important secrets that they are not going to tell you about how they will seek to minimize or deny your claim. At Tucker Law group we have been representing claimants with Prudential for nearly thirty years.  Learn how to protect your disability claim from their practices.  

First, Prudential has doctors that you’ll never meet or talk to, and they will be seeking to review your records in order to provide Prudential with information that can be used to deny your claim.  Often, these doctors will try to call your doctors to discuss your condition(s) and records, and you won’t find out about those conversations until afterwards.  To guard against this, tell your doctors not to take calls from Prudential’s doctors, and have them send their questions in writing.  

Second, Prudential often takes too long to decide their claims.  Different amounts of time are allowed both for deciding the claim and for deciding the appeal. Prudential does not tell you the deadlines, and they will often take too long to respond.  Sometimes you can file a lawsuit if this happens, and that step can be beneficial to your case.  Most claimants are not aware of this option.  Be sure to watch the deadlines closely.  

Third, Prudential often “cherry-picks” from disability claimant records to gather information that helps them deny your claim or appeal.  Your reasons for being disabled, your symptoms, your restrictions, and your limitations that also relate to this information may often be neglected for inclusion in Prudential’s decision letters.  Upon reading those letters, you may wonder if they are even aware of these important facts regarding your condition.  Watch the video to learn more.  

At Tucker Law Group we handle disability cases every day. If you have been denied by Prudential, or if you have any additional questions, call Tucker Law Group at (866) 233-5044, or review our videos and media library for more information.  

Video Transcript
You have a disability insurance claim with Prudential, here's three secrets they're not going to tell you. I'm John Tucker. I'm a disability attorney and I've been fighting Prudential for my clients for nearly three decades.

There's three things that come up that my clients never knew about that I think you should know about. First, Prudential is going to use doctors in the background that you're never going to talk to. They're going to review your file and give Prudential opinions that they'll rely upon to deny your claim. Those doctors may even call your doctors to have conversations about you that you won't find out about until after the fact. Tell your doctors not to talk to them and to ask for any questions to be sent in writing.

Second, Prudential can be notorious for taking too long to decide claims. Group disability claims have certain deadlines that apply to them. At the initial claim level and at the appeal level, there's different periods of time that the insurance company can take to decide the claim or decide the appeal. Prudential won't tell you what those deadlines are, and then they'll take too much time. But in reality, if they take too much time, you actually can go to the next step in the process. Sometimes that's filing a lawsuit, and that's to your benefit, but they won't tell you have the option to do that.

Finally, beware of Prudential cherry-picking information from your records that helps them and hurts you. What that means is they'll reach into your records and pull out the facts that help them deny you, but they won't pull out the facts that explain why you're disabled, your symptoms, your limitations, your restrictions. They'll ignore those. So when you get a decision letter from Prudential, oftentimes you'll read it and think, "Who is this person? Where are all the facts about me? Didn't they read my records?"

If you've been denied by Prudential, give me a call at the number on your screen below. I represent people just like you all over the United States from Florida to Alaska in these group disability insurance cases.

Thanks for watching. I'm John Tucker.