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How & Why We Fight to Win Disability Insurance Claims for Our Clients With Multiple Sclerosis

Tucker Law Group
March 8, 2021

Is Multiple Sclerosis affecting you or someone you love, resulting in a disability claim? Multiple Sclerosis is a personal family matter at the Tucker Law Group, and we have handled hundreds of Multiple Sclerosis disability cases in addition to having served on the board of the Mid-Florida chapter of the MS Society for several years.

We understand why you need to fight for your Multiple Sclerosis disability claim. We want to show you how we win these cases throughout the United States. Insurance companies use the silent and hidden nature of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms to avoid paying disability claims. Local disability attorneys will not have the background and intimate understanding of these cases and of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers that we bring to the table to serve you and win your case.

While insurance companies often may not understand your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms at a level where they are convinced of your claim’s legitimacy, we have experts who are experienced in helping MS sufferers and who understand this disease and the medicines involved. There is rapid development of treatments for MS, and these involve both benefits and side effects. These factors have important bearing on your disability claim.

You need attorneys that understand Multiple Sclerosis, that are knowledgeable in proving these cases, and can communicate effectively with your neurologist. We fight to win Multiple Sclerosis cases nationwide. Watch the video to learn more.

At Tucker Law Group we handle these cases every day. If your Multiple Sclerosis disability claim has been denied, or if you have any additional questions, call Tucker Law Group at (866) 233-5044, or review our videos and media library for more information.

Video Transcript
You're watching this video because you or a loved one has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or multiple sclerosis has starting to take its toll and symptoms are starting to increase. I'm John Tucker and I represent people all over the country in claims for group disability benefits through their employers disability plans. Multiple sclerosis is personal to me. I have close loved ones that have MS, including my mother-in-law I've handled more MS cases than I can remember. I'm talking hundreds. I've served on the board of the mid-Florida Chapter of the MS Society before for several years.

Multiple sclerosis is something that insurance companies don't understand, and they do everything they can not to pay. Why? Because it's hard for you to prove how you're disabled. It's silent. It seems a secret. People can't see it. We can help prove a disability claim, and we've done it hundreds of times. We have people on staff who have the expertise to understand the medicine. Treatment is rapidly evolving for MS. The MS Society does wonderful things for developing new medications, new therapies. Those have side effects, but they also have benefits. And there's no reason not to try them, but you need attorneys that have the understanding and the knowledge to be able to deal with the treatment you're getting, to be able to interact with your neurologist and know what they're talking about.

Not only is MS personal for me, for our law firm, the level of understanding and experience we have is unmatched. You're not going to find a lawyer where you live that has our level of expertise in handling MS disability cases. And we handle cases all over the country.

If you've been denied disability benefits for multiple sclerosis, call me at the number on your screen. I'm happy to help you. Thank you for watching.