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Important Points to Consider When Considering Hiring Our Law Firm

Tucker Law Group
February 2, 2017

Listen as John V. Tucker describes his firm and what you should consider before hiring a firm.

If you are watching this video, I hope that it means that you have decided to consider our firm for legal disability and life insurance needs. I have been working as an attorney for over 25 years, and I have learned a few things from my experiences. First of all, I know that if you are seeking our services, it means that you are dealing with a significant legal matter. The whole legal process may be quite intimidating, especially if you have never had to work with an attorney. Before you hire our firm, there are some things that you need to consider.

The fact that we have a very good track record in winning cases and recovering monies owed are not the most important factors in hiring us. You should hire us based on how you feel about our attorney-client relationships. Hire us because we take the time to explain our process without the use of legal jargon. Hire us because we want you to ask questions, and because we want you to understand. Hire us because you feel like you are a part of our legal partnership – a partnership that is formed to achieve the best results for you and your family.

The first step you need to take is our consultation. I don’t just take every case; I take the ones that I believe in. For me to better evaluate your case, begin by emailing me any questions before your initial appointment. That gives us the opportunity to thoroughly answer each of your questions. If you have a case that deals with ERISA or insurance policies, send us the copies of any documents. Last, if you have received any kind of decision letter or denial, send those to us, as well. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about our firm or how to prepare for your consultation, I want you to call me at (866) 233-5044. I welcome your call.

Video Transcript
Hi I’m John Tucker. Thanks for taking the time to watch this quick video before your appointment. I'm a disability and life insurance attorney. I handle cases for people like you all over the country and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before you have a chance to talk to me or one of our other attorneys.

I've been doing this for over 25 years and there's several things I've learned in that time. First, I know if you're calling us about the type of cases we handle your dealing with a significant legal problem. I also know that it's an intimidating process that you're dealing with particularly if this is the first time you've ever had to hire an attorney.

There are some things I'd like you to think about when you're considering hiring our law firm. To start, I don't want you to focus just on our past legal results, I don't want you to hire us just because we won thousands of cases, I don't want you to hire us because we recovered millions of dollars for our clients and I don't want you to hire us because we've established ourselves as leaders in the legal field disability, ERISA and life insurance. There are more important things to consider, although those are very important.

I want you to think about things that are important for the attorney-client relationship. I want you to hire us because we explain the process to you in plain English, not using a lot of legalese. I want you to hire us because we encourage you to ask questions and you feel like you can ask a question anytime you want and you going to get an answer that you understand. I never want you feeling like you've asked too many questions.

Perhaps most important, I want you to hire us because you feel this is a partnership. It's a partnership designed to obtain the right result for you and your family. Our consultation is the first step in that partnership.

Now, I’ll be candid with you, we don't take every case, I take cases I believe in. To evaluate your case and to maximize the time we have together, there are three things I want you to do. First, if you have any questions email them to us before the appointment. That will give us the chance to not only consider them but give you a thorough answer and make sure we answer all of your questions.

Second, if your case deals with an ERISA plan or insurance policy, send us a copy of that document, if you have it. Third, no matter what kind of case you have, if you received a decision letter, a denial, send that to us also. That's important for us to read before we talk.

I know you could have called somebody else but you called my law firm and for that, I want to personally thank you. I'm John Tucker we look forward to talking to you.