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Do I Need An Attorney To Monitor My Long-Term Disability Claim?

Tucker Law Group
February 2, 2017

Listen as John V. Tucker describes why you should hire an attorney to monitor your long term disability case.

There are three main reasons why it’s a good idea for you to have an attorney monitoring your claim while you are receiving your checks. The first reason is that insurance companies like to cut people off. They do this because it is less money that they have to pay out. If you are receiving a hefty check, then they’ll be looking for ways to cut off your benefits.

The second reason is that if you hire an attorney then you don’t have to deal with the adjuster anymore. The attorney will take care of all of that. Hiring an attorney will take the stress off of you.

The third reason that you need to consider hiring an attorney to monitor your case is if you can’t afford to go without your benefits. A previous client, Ted, was cut off from his insurance. He hired me to take care of his claim. We won his benefits back, but he did not keep us on to monitor his claim. They cut Ted off again, and once again he hired me to handle his claim. This happened 5 times before Ted decided to have me monitor his case. He never got cut off again. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions about whether you should have an attorney monitor your disability case, I want you to call me at (866) 233-5044. I welcome your call.

Video Transcript
You are receiving your long-term disability benefit check every month. Do you need an attorney to monitor your claim? I'm John Tucker, I'm a disability attorney and I handle cases all across the United States. I've represented clients against all the major insurance companies Aetna, Cigna, Lincoln, MetLife, Prudential, Standard, Unum, and others. I'm often asked, “do I need an attorney to stay on my case once my benefits are approved?” Well, let me tell you three reasons why you want to seriously consider having an attorney on your case while you're getting your checks paid.

First, I've got news for you, insurance companies cut people off. They cut off valid claims all the time. I have people calling me every week asking “How could they cut my case off? I had all of this evidence.” They cut cases off because it saves them money and if they don't cut people off they're going to be paying everybody. So you can bet that they're looking at your case. Can they stop paying you? And the higher your monthly benefit compared to other people the harder they are looking at your case.

Second, if you hire an attorney to monitor your case you don't have to deal with the insurance adjuster anymore. That's what the lawyers for, the insurance company should be communicating with you through your attorney. So you don't have the stress of dealing with getting mail from that insurance company, getting calls out of the blue from the insurance adjuster, asking you questions when you least expect it. Hiring an attorney takes that pressure off of you.

And third, perhaps the most important thing you have to think about, can you afford to have your disability benefits cut off? It's that simple. Let me tell you a story about Ted, a client of mine.

Ted was an insurance agent he had disability coverage through his own insurance company that he worked for. He was able to give himself approved but then they cut him off once. He hired me, we got him back on claim, we got his claim approved. Ted didn't want to spend the money to keep me on the case, we thought that was fine he went off. Got cut off again. Ted came back, hired me again, we got his claim reinstated. They cut him off again. Ted was cut off a total of five times until he finally decided to hire me to monitor his case and we handled his claim and he never got cut off again.

I think Ted would tell you that was money well spent. If you're on claim call me to talk about monitoring your case. I handle cases like yours every day. I'm John Tucker. Thanks for watching.