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Do I Need to Hire An Attorney if My Long Term Disability Benefits Are Denied?

Tucker Law Group
January 23, 2017

Disability insurance claim denied?  Listen as disability benefits attorney John Tucker discusses whether you need to hire an attorney if your insurance company has denied your Long Term Disability benefits.

There are several reasons to hire an attorney if your disability insurance company has denied your LTD claim.  First, attorneys are trained in reading various insurance policies and plan documents, while understanding how courts have interpreted the policy terms. A knowledgeable disability benefits attorney can use their knowledge about disability insurance policies to your situation.

Second, attorneys are also trained in evidence. Your medical records are not enough; you will want an attorney to develop evidence from doctors, hire a vocational experts – if needed – or recommend a certain test of which you may not have been aware.

The third reason you will want the assistance of an attorney is to combat the unfair tactics used by insurance companies. LTD insurance carriers are known to apply policy terms in a way that you may not understand.  They cherry-pick information in your medical records that supports their case. They have also been known to hire an investigator to follow you with a camera and edit the surveillance video to make it seem like you can do more than you really can.

Learn more about how an attorney can help you in your Long Term Disability.  Call our experienced ERISA LTD attorneys toll free nationwide at (866) 233-5044.

Video Transcript
You have been denied your long-term disability insurance benefits. The long term disability insurance company doesn't want to pay. Do you need to hire an attorney to fight them? My name is John Tucker, I'm an attorney and I represent people in long-term disability insurance cases all over the United States. I've helped thousands of people just like you. Let me tell you why an attorney may be able to help you.

First, we're trained in reading insurance policies or if you have your insurance through your employer's group the plan document that covers your disability claim. That means we have experience not only in reading different types of insurance policy terms but understanding how courts have interpreted those policy terms and applying that to your situation. Understanding those policy terms is crucial to helping you and doing it by yourself may be very difficult for you because you don't know what those mean.

We're also trained in evidence, putting together the evidence that you need to prove your claim is perhaps the most important thing that you're doing. A lot of people think that just having their medical records for a note from their doctor saying they can't work is enough, it's not. There needs to be more than that. You may need more documentation for your insurance company like opinions from your doctor's, you might need an expert opinion from a vocational rehabilitation consultant, you might need a special test that you don't know about. We can help you get the right evidence to put your claim together to win it.

Third, insurance companies are known to play dirty, they use unfair tactics to get you. They might take policy terms and apply them in a way you might not understand them. They might look at your medical records and cherry-pick information that helps them and leave out the things that are important to you. They might send an investigator out to follow you with a video camera, it’s called surveillance, and then they spliced the video together to show only the few moments in time when you might be doing more than they think you can do. We're trained to deal with their unfair tactics, we're here to help you win your claim.

You may have a lot of questions about your long-term disability case and if you do pick up the phone and call me. I offer a free consultation. You can call the number at the bottom of the screen and I will be glad to talk about your case with you and talk about how we can put together an individualized plan. I do these cases every day and I look forward to talking with you. I'm John Tucker. Thank you for taking the time to watch.