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VA Claim Denied? 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Fight the VA

Tucker Law Group
November 9, 2020

If your VA Disability claim was denied, there are three main reasons why you should hire a VA Disability attorney to handle your appeal in order to get your claim approved.  

First, you will need a law firm that has a war chest to fight the VA, as the VA has many doctors, experts, and resources available ready to work against your claim.  You need to be able to counter the evidence and expertise that they will present, and this can mean enlisting the help of private doctors, getting tests done, and gaining the help and opinions of professionals such as vocational experts.  That can be very expensive.  Tucker Law Group is prepared to take those steps to win cases, and we do it for our clients nationwide every day.  

Second, you need a battle plan that draws on the unique nature of your case so you can win.  Strategy and experience are important in VA claims.  Not only must the medical and vocational evidence be understood, but it must be used properly to anticipate and counter what the VA will do in response to your claim or appeal. The VA is constantly categorizing and responding to claims from veterans who are seeking benefits.  An experienced VA Disability attorney knows how the VA will react and tactically plans several steps ahead in order to determine the next move for your case.  

Third, VA Disability attorneys work on a contingency fee – meaning we don’t get paid unless you get paid.  We charge you a percentage of your retroactive benefits, which some call retro pay.  You want an attorney that will do everything necessary until the end to win your case so you get your benefits.  Once we accept your case, we have skin in the game.  Watch the video to learn even more.  

If your VA Disability claim was denied, call the Tucker Law Group at (866) 233-5044 to discuss your case.  We handle VA disability cases every day. 

Video Transcript
Your VA disability compensation claim was denied. Here's three important reasons why you should hire an attorney to fight the VA. I'm John Tucker and I'm a veterans disability attorney. You're probably watching this video because you're wondering if you can handle your appeal on your own or get a VSO to help you, or whether you should hire an attorney. I want to talk with you about what we do to help veterans, people just like you every day.

First, you need a law firm that's got a war chest to fight the VA. The VA is huge, and they've got an army of doctors and other people that are working against you. You need someone who's got the resources to put into your claim. Maybe you need to see a private doctor, have a test done, hire a vocational expert. You need a law firm that's got the resources and the willingness to put them into your case to win your claims.

Second, you want attorneys that are going to develop a battle plan that's unique to your case to win your claims. In our law firm, our lawyers are not only trained in developing evidence, those medical or vocational experts or getting those tests, we're trained in using those. Not only do we understand the medical or the vocational evidence, but we know how to work that into your case moving towards the objective of winning your case.

We're developing tactics to get to that objective. That might be two or three or four steps down the road with the idea of knowing what the VA is going to do to react and how we're going to make our next move. You need a battle plan that's unique to you. Finally, we work on a contingency fee. What does that mean? We charge you a percentage of your past benefits, the retroactive money, or the retro pay, as some people call it.

Why is that important to you? With a contingency fee I don't get paid until you get paid. I've got skin in the game with you. You don't want to be in a situation with someone who's helping you with your claim and they're going to get their paycheck whether you win or lose. If you hire my law firm, we are there with you all the way to the end, and we've got to win your case if we want to put food on our table.

Your claim may have been denied by VA, but it doesn't mean that's the end of the line. If you want help with your claim, if you want to talk about your options, call me at the number on your screen. I'm John Tucker and I represent veterans like you in all 50 States, from Florida to Alaska. Thanks for watching.