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VIDEO: Three Ways To Make Your VA Disability Claim Appeal Move Faster

Getting your VA disability claims to move faster can be like moving heaven and earth.  VA’s delays are legendary.  However, there are a few things that you can do to keep VA moving along as quickly as possible.  Watch this video by VA Disability Attorney John V. Tucker with 3 tips for making your VA service-connected compensation claim move faster.

This video tells you how doing the following can help you:

  • Get your C-File;
  • Get your medical records; and
  • Getting your service records.

You can get your C-File through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  Currently, you can read about how to do this on VA’s website at: https://www.oprm.va.gov/foia.  They change their site all the time, so it may be different page when you search, but it is on their site somewhere.

Getting your medical records can help quite a bit as well.  Get them from private doctors or hospitals, VA hospital doctors, and Veterans Health Administration doctors. Don’t assume that VA will get your records.  And remember, for VA doctors, you can access your records electronically by visiting MyHealtheVet.  VA changes the MyHealtheVet web page all the time, so if the link does not work, just click the “Home” button when you are there and look for the link to medical records.

You can also get your military service records and service medical records through the National Personnel Records Center.

It will often take months to get all of these records, but it can certainly help speed up your VA claim processing time.

If your claim for VA service-connected compensation has been declined and you want to learn about your rights, contact one of our experienced VA Disability attorneys online or call us toll free nationwide at (866) 282-5260.

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