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What to Do When a Life Insurance Claim is Denied

Choosing to purchase a life insurance policy helps ensure the financial security of your loved ones in the tragic event you pass away. The last thing you want is the insurance company to deny a valid claim when your loved one tries to collect the compensation owed. If your spouse or close relative has died and you are the beneficiary on the life insurance policy, you are entitled to compensation. When the insurance carrier refuses to honor a valid policy, consult with a Florida insurance claims lawyer right away.

Insurers often use “material misrepresentation” as an excuse to deny a claim. This means there was intentional or negligent concealment of a fact relating to the insurance application. For example, perhaps the decedent did not disclose his or her smoking or drinking habits. Fraud is another common reason insurance carriers try to refuse a claim.

If your claim is denied, first talk to a Florida insurance claims law firm. Bring copies of the life insurance policy and correspondences you have received from the insurance company. The attorney can review the documentation and evaluate whether or not your claim is valid. Once you have retained an attorney, do not communicate directly with the insurance company. In many cases, the insurance carrier decides to settle the case out of court to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Your lawyer can advise you on whether to take the settlement or pursue the case in court.

It is possible to dispute a life insurance claim denial. John V. Tucker and his team have been settling and litigating insurance claims denials for years. You can trust their wisdom and experience.

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