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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As this unprecedented crisis continues to unfold across the globe, we are striving here at Tucker Law Group to safely continue operations to serve our clients and keep cases moving forward. The health and well-being of our attorneys, staff and clients continues to be our top priority. Our team is taking all recommended steps at our office and beyond as outlined by our local government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). See our updates below regarding the coronavirus, disability insurance claims, VA disability appeals and our services.

Helping Americans From the Safety of Their Own Homes

Our law firm is still taking new cases and continues to work for our clients during normal business hours. However, we ask that clients not come into the office for their safety.

As a law practice, we have been a pioneer in the use of technology to better service our clients. Our disability attorneys are equipped to meet with clients and potential clients by telephone, digital portal or video conference.

You can reach our firm in many ways at this time, including:

  • Request a Case Evaluation Online – Our firm continues to offer free consultations for your convenience. Submit a confidential online form here to get started.
  • Quickly Get Answers With Our Online Chat Service – If you need answers quickly, start a chat through our online chat system here on our website. An associate is available 24/7 to take your questions and information.
  • Call Our Office to Speak With Our Team – If you wish to speak with one of our friendly associates over the phone, you can call our office during business hours. Call (866) 233-5044 to reach our office. Our business hours will continue to be the same, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET.
  • Contact Us Through Our Digital Portal – If you are an existing client or have already received your login credentials, you can reach us through our secure online portal.

How Our Disability Law Firm Can Help You

At Tucker Law Group, we have helped thousands of Americans secure their benefits prior to the coronavirus outbreak. During these difficult times, we continue to help clients across the country.

Our team is keeping a keen eye on developments from governmental agencies that may affect our operations, but for the time being, we will continue to keep moving cases forward.

Important Updates

Disability Insurance Claims

At this time, it is important to note that group disability insurance claims, or ERISA claims, must be filed before a person is laid off or furloughed. If you are currently employed and suffering from a disability, we recommend that you call our office as early as possible. We are happy to be a resource in these difficult times.

Coronavirus and Disability Insurance Benefits

If you are unable to work due to contracting coronavirus, seeking disability insurance benefits may be an option for you. Many disability insurance policies may cover COVID-19. However, securing these benefits during an ongoing pandemic could prove difficult. You will need to support this claim with evidence such as a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Have questions about securing short term or long term disability insurance benefits? Our disability insurance lawyers are here to help you.

VA Disability Appeals

During the coronavirus pandemic, VA disability operations are continuing mostly as usual. Our law firm is staying on top of developments from the VA that may affect our services. For the time being, we continue to move cases through the appeals process. For more information regarding your VA disability appeal or the appeals process at this time, contact our firm. Our attorneys consider it a privilege to help veterans recover the compensation they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Current Business Hours?

Our business hours will continue to be the same, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET.

Are Your Offices Open to Visitors?

Our main office in St. Petersburg, Florida is closed to all visitors at this time. We are only accepting mail and deliveries.

How Would I Meet With an Attorney at Your Firm at this Time?

In addition to practicing social distancing, we have prohibited any face-to-face internal staff meetings and client meetings at our office. Most of our meetings have been moved to video conferences.

How Will COVID-19 Affect My Case or Benefits?

We are keeping a keen eye on developments from governmental agencies that may affect our operations and your case. If it becomes necessary, our attorneys and staff have the ability to work offsite to avoid slowdowns in check processing, claims and litigation. Clients receiving benefit checks from the government or insurance companies will continue to be processed as usual at our office.

Contact our team if you have specific questions about your disability insurance claim or VA appeal. Our law firm can provide counsel nationwide as our attorneys are licensed in Florida and many federal courts around the country.  Please call us anytime at (866) 233-5044.

Thank you for placing your trust in our firm. We are here for you.

– Tucker Law Group