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Disability Insurance Carriers

Our Disability Insurance Lawyers Take On Major Policy Providers to Secure Your Benefits

Tucker Law Group offers legal services which cover every major aspect of disability law. This sometimes involves providing counsel to guide clients through the claims process. In other cases, it means helping clients file an initial claim, pursue an appeal or secure their benefits through litigation. Whether your disability insurance policy is an individual or a group plan, our attorneys can help.

With more than 40 years of experience, our nationally recognized disability insurance lawyers can take on any insurance carrier. Some of these carriers include:


Aetna is one of the largest disability insurance companies in the U.S. This insurance carrier generates around 34 billion dollars a year. As far as their disability insurance policies go, we have observed that Aetna is very aggressive in denying claims, often relying upon a number of specific restrictions in Aetna policies. Failing to satisfy these restrictions may result in a disability insurance denial. Our disability insurance lawyers can help Aetna policy holders understand the terms of their policies and how to satisfy them when filing a long term disability claim.

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Cigna is another huge insurance company, generating billions of dollars in revenue every year. However, this insurance carrier has a troubling track record when it comes to denying claims. Unfair denials led Cigna to face many lawsuits over the years, paying out settlements and fines to various states. We frequently see Cigna engaging in unfair tactics like:

  • Cherry-pick facts from physician reports to support flimsy denials
  • Using hired paper-review doctors that never examine a disabled person to claim there is no disability
  • Using surveillance which shows little to claim a person has no disability
  • Delaying claims beyond the time allowed to make decisions

Importantly, this carrier had to reevaluate thousands of wrongfully denied claims. Our disability insurance lawyers work hard to ensure our clients are not on the receiving end of an unfair denial.

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Guardian (Berkshire Life)

This insurance carrier issues most of its policies under the Guardian name, but also issued individual coverage under the Berkshire Life brand. Over the years, we have not seen this carrier cause as many problems for our clients as others. However, when its adjusters target a claim for denial or termination, their tactics can be very aggressive. We offer counsel to those who are being paid by Guardian, and when it denies or terminates claims, have successfully fought to get our clients paid.

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This disability insurance giant is no stranger to denying long term disability claims. To do this, Hartford engages in a number of sly tactics. Our disability insurance lawyers work closely with our clients to prevent them from falling prey to these tactics. These preparations take into account what we frequently see Hartford do , like:

  • Sending a field investigator to a claimant’s home for an interview
  • Gathering surveillance footage to use against a policy holder’s claim
  • Requiring a claimant to take specific medical exams or functional capacity tests administered by a doctor of their choosing
  • Privately requesting information from a claimant’s doctor

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Liberty Mutual

Disability insurance claims filed with Liberty Mutual are difficult to win. This insurance carrier works hard to undermine a policy holder’s claim so that it does not have to pay out benefits. To do this, Liberty Mutual often unfairly denies or terminates legitimate claims by taking the position that a person has the ability to work. This is frequently done based on peer-review doctors who write reports without ever examining the insured. For example, this carrier will often argue that a disabled claimant can still work so long as they can sit for 4-6 hours and they will get one of their doctors to give an opinion that the person can sit for that long. As our attorneys know, this is not always true. Many disabled people experience symptoms which interfere with their ability to work even in a sedentary capacity.

To learn more about the legal assistance we provide to help Liberty Mutual disability insurance claimants, schedule a free consultation with our firm.

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Lincoln Financial

This insurance carrier has a relatively decent track record when it comes to fairly assessing disability claims. However, Lincoln Financial can be tough when assessing medical documentation of disabling illnesses or injuries. They often deny long term disability claims when the medical information submitted is inconsistent with the definition of disability as outlined in a claimant’s policy. Our disability insurance lawyers can help Lincoln Financial policy holders avoid this mistake or file an appeal to correct it.

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MetLife is another titan of an insurance provider, with over $70 billion generated in annual revenue. A few years ago, MetLife stopped selling new individual disability insurance policies, focusing their sales exclusively on the group disability. This is because of protections that the federal employee benefits law, ERISA, provides. Perhaps because of this, we have started to see MetLife get more aggressive with denying or terminating claims under individual policies MetLife issued in the past.

This carrier offers short-term and long term disability policies which are available for purchase either individually or through a group or employer. If MetLife denied your claim, our disability attorneys can help. We offer counsel to claimants with both individual and group policies. Our attorneys can help claimants with these policies at any stage in the claims process.

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This insurance carrier is not one of the largest players in the disability insurance market, but we have seen an increasing number of claim denials and terminations from them in the last year or so. Our clients have seen Principal aggressively use examinations by doctors they choose to deny or terminate claims. We frequently offer counsel to individuals who have claims are being paid by Principal we also have aggressively fought many denied claims against them in recent years.

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The Standard

The Standard is a disability insurance provider that runs a tight ship. This company is strict when it comes to assessing claims. They have an extensive network of claims examiners, consultants and in-house doctors dedicated to scrutinizing claims. This means that policy holders should take extra precautions when trying to secure benefits.

The Standard often insures school systems and it also provides claim services for another insurer’s group claims, Northwestern Mutual. You will need to understand your policies ins and outs when it comes to The Standard, and Tucker Law Group can help you with this.

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Unum is notorious for facing lawsuits over their unfair handling of disability claims. All fifty states have previously sued Unum for this very reason. As a result, Unum has had to reassess thousands of unfair denials spanning many years. One common practice Unum policy holders have experienced is a delay in the claims process. By dragging out this process, Unum discourages claimants from continuing to pursue their case. Policy holders with Unum and its subsidiary companies like John Hancock and Provident should keep this in mind when trying to secure their benefits.

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Do you have questions about recovering disability insurance benefits? Whether your disability insurance coverage is provided by Unum, Aetna or any other major insurance carrier, our attorneys have the experience to help you seek the benefits you need.

Our Disability Insurance Lawyers Take on Major Insurance Carriers to Secure Your Benefits

While taking on a major insurance carrier may seem daunting, securing your benefits is possible. While insurance providers are notorious for denying claims, they are no strangers to overturning these decisions either. Tucker Law Group can help you get your benefits, regardless of where you are in the process. To learn more about your legal options, schedule a free consultation with us today. You can do so by sending us a message online or by calling (866) 233-5044.