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Aetna Disability Insurance Claims

Get Help With Your Aetna Disability Insurance Claim From Our Nationally Recognized Firm

If you have disability insurance, there is a good chance you or your employer purchased the policy through Aetna. This insurance carrier is one of the top ten disability insurance companies in the U.S. Aetna brings in about $34 million in revenue every year, and disability insurance only accounts for 10% of their business. Given the company’s success, this provider is in a great position to pay out valid disability claims. However, it is not uncommon for Aetna disability insurance policyholders to receive a denial or a delay on their benefits.

If this has happened to you, the best thing to do is fight back to secure your benefits. Our attorneys can help you with this by preparing an appeal or filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Our goal is to secure the full value of our clients’ claims, always in a timely manner.

Aetna’s Track Record With Legal Battles

Aetna is no stranger to legal woes. You may have heard about the company’s recent high profile case that was just settled last year. In this case, one of Aetna’s medical directors admitted to having never looked at patients’ medical records before approving or denying claims. Instead, Aetna’s doctor physician relied on a nurse’s summary of a patient’s medical records, as per Aetna’s policies.

While this case was still ongoing, Aetna was also embroiled in the largest “individual “bad faith” insurance case in Oklahoma history.” In this case, the jury found Aetna to have wrongly denied coverage to a cancer patient in need of a specific therapy. Aetna paid out a $25 million settlement for this bad faith case.

Was Your Aetna Disability Claim Delayed, Denied or Undervalued?

Aetna is an international insurance provider that reviews many claims every single day. Sometimes, valid claims slip through the cracks and receive an unfair denial. Often, Aetna claims that a claimant failed to meet the burden of proof Aetna requires. In other cases, Aetna will employ tactics to look for evidence against a claim. Unique issues claimants face when dealing with Aetna include:

  • Mandatory Medical Examinations required by Aetna with handpicked doctors.
  • Vocational or occupational evaluations by Aetna employees that do not even involve an interview with the claimant, and which often selectively cherry-pick information from the claim file to reach a conclusion in favor of Aetna.
  • Surveillance of a claimant to verify a disability claim where the Aetna adjuster cherry-picks snippets or moments of the video to deny the disability claim.

If you believe your Aetna disability claim was unfairly denied, delayed or undervalued, contact our firm today. Our attorneys are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies employ to deny claims. We can help you build a strong case for an appeal, or if necessary, take your case to court to secure your benefits.

Appealing a Denied Aetna Disability Claim

Fortunately, denied disability claims are not set in stone. If your claim received a denial, you still have the chance to appeal Aetna’s decision. Overturning a denial is not easy, so you should consider working with a disability insurance attorney during this process. Depending on your situation, our nationally recognized firm may be able to help you:

  • Obtain your case file from Aetna and analyze it to determine the precise tactics Aetna used to deny your claim.
  • Address errors or insufficiencies in your initial claim and include supplementary information or evidence in your appeal.
  • Find a specialist who can better document your disability.
  • Determine whether federal or state law applies to your claim and follow the appropriate appeals process for individual policies and ERISA policies.
  • File all the required forms for your appeal within the appropriate timeframe.
  • Depending on your jurisdiction, make necessary bad faith filings.
  • Prepare a complete appeal with legal and medical research to support your claim.

Filing an Aetna Lawsuit to Secure Disability Insurance Benefits

If you have an individual disability insurance policy, you may choose to forego an appeal and file a lawsuit instead. If you have a group policy governed by ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act – a federal law which applies to employer group insurance), you can file a lawsuit only after exhausting your appeal options. In either case, Tucker Law Group can help you prepare a successful lawsuit. Our attorneys build your case to win in court, and this may push Aetna to offer you a reasonable settlement out of court to save you time and money, but only if we can secure the best possible outcome for you.  You get to decide whether you settle your case or whether to have your case decided by a court.

Secure Your Benefits With the Help of Our Aetna Disability Insurance Attorneys

Tucker Law Group works on Aetna disability insurance claims for clients across the U.S. Our nationally recognized firm offers services to handle denied, delayed or undervalued claims. To learn more about how we can help, contact our offices to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach our attorneys online or by phone at (866) 233-5044.