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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) Disability Insurance

Denied MetLife Disability Benefits? A MetLife Disability Attorney at Our Firm Can Fight for You

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, better known as MetLife, is one of the top five largest group disability insurance providers in the United States. The insurance carrier offers short term and long term disability policies through employer groups. In fact, ERISA (the federal employee benefits law) is so much more favorable to insurers, MetLife has stopped selling individual disability insurance, instead focusing solely on group LTD plans offered through employers.  There are older MetLife individual policies that are still in force though..

Like other disability insurance carriers, this insurer has a long history of unfairly processing long term disability insurance claims. If you are a MetLife policyholder and you are struggling to secure disability benefits, you are not alone. A MetLife disability attorney at our firm can help you. The attorneys at Tucker Law Group help clients across the country fight for their disability benefits. Our attorneys can help claimants file the initial claim, appeal a denial, or litigate on their behalf if necessary.

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Below, we discuss MetLife long term disability complaints and what policyholders should understand about the insurer.

MetLife’s Track Record With Lawsuits and Settlements

A few years ago, MetLife stopped selling new individual disability insurance policies, focusing their sales exclusively on group disability. This is due to protections that the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) provides. It is potentially due to this change that we started to see MetLife get more aggressive with denying or terminating claims under individual policies.

In our experience, it is common for MetLife to deny disability benefits outright for both individual or group policies. In fact, many lawsuits filed against the carrier allege that the insurance company does not treat consumers fairly.

MetLife Disability Insurance Complaints

Our attorneys hear many MetLife long term disability complaints. In cases where MetLife disability insurance claims were denied, claimants complained that the insurer abused its discretion. One allegation stated that the insurance company made overly restrictive interpretations of its policy resulting in arbitrary claim denials.

Dealing With a Delayed, Denied or Undervalued MetLife Disability Claim?

MetLife’s policyholders often find themselves fighting an uphill battle when seeking long term disability benefits. In our experience, policyholders may have more trouble with denials than with other insurers. This is largely due to the MetLife policies which exclude many conditions.

If you are having trouble with your MetLife disability insurance claim, it is crucial that you contact a disability insurance attorney for help. An experienced MetLife disability attorney can help you face challenges when handling a disability insurance claim, including:

  • Requests for unnecessary tests or procedures
  • Difficulty getting the right representative on the phone
  • Issues with information and medical records
  • Asked to supply unnecessary information
  • Surveillance resulting in denials
  • Refusal to review medical evidence or testimony
  • MetLife doctors contacting treating doctors in a misleading manner or review medical records and cherry picking selected facts that only help MetLife deny a claim

If you experience these issues or notice these tactics, call Tucker Law Group immediately. Our disability attorneys have years of experience combating MetLife delays, denials and undervalued claims.

Appealing Your Disability Claim

Receiving a claim denial does not mean your fight for benefits is over. While appealing a disability claim is difficult, with experienced legal representation, you can build a strong case for your benefits.

If you have a group MetLife policy through work, your policy is likely subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This means that you and your ERISA attorney will need to exhaust the appeals process before continuing. During this process, your attorney will need to provide evidence and testimony to strengthen your case. This is your final chance to introduce evidence to support your disability claim. As such, it is critical to utilize legal assistance during this time.

Filing a Lawsuit to Secure MetLife Disability Insurance Benefits

After exhausting the appeals process, you can file a lawsuit against MetLife. This is the only course of action left available to you at this point in the process. As this is the case, you will want an aggressive litigator on your side who can hold insurance companies like MetLife accountable.

Contact an Experienced MetLife Disability Attorney at Our Firm

The attorneys at Tucker Law Group can help you appeal a denial or file a MetLife long term disability lawsuit on your behalf. We can also help file and monitor your initial claim. We know how to protect our clients’ rights, provide evidence and fight aggressively for disability benefits. Our experience has helped hundreds of policyholders get claims paid over the years.

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