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Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance

Our Nationally Recognized Law Firm Can Help With Mutual of Omaha Long Term Disability Claims

Short term and long term disability claimants are often seeking information to fight Mutual of Omaha for their benefits. The insurance carrier offers short term and long term disability policies through employer group plans. Mutual of Omaha, similar to other disability insurance carriers, has a long history of unfairly processing disability insurance claims.

Are you fighting for your Mutual of Omaha long term disability benefits? You do not have to fight the insurer alone. A Mutual of Omaha disability attorney at our firm can help you. The attorneys at Tucker Law Group counsel clients nationwide and are licensed in Florida and many federal courts across the nation. We have extensive experience handling claims for group plans protected by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our legal team has decades of experience helping claimants file the initial claim, appeal a denial, or litigate on their behalf if necessary.

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We want to help you understand how this insurer handles claims so that you have the best chance of securing the benefits you need. Below, we discuss Mutual of Omaha long term disability complaints and what policyholders should understand about the disability insurance carrier.

Mutual of Omaha’s Track Record With Lawsuits and Settlements

Mutual of Omaha Insurance is a Fortune 500 company. The company made $271.5 million in profits in the last fiscal year. It is a business, and like any other business, it continues to look for ways to increase its bottom line. As a result, the insurer does not gladly payout every insurance claim. In fact, it may wrongfully delay or deny policyholders’ short term or long term disability claims. When disability benefits are unfairly denied, we recommend seeking help from a disability insurance attorney experienced in handling ERISA claims. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of these types of cases over the years for clients nationwide.

Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance Complaints

Our legal team hears many Mutual of Omaha disability insurance complaints. In a lawsuit against Mutual of Omaha, the claimant, Nancy C., complained that the insurer was “arbitrary and capricious” in denying her claim. The insurer determined, based on its own investigation, that the claimant could perform the material duties of her job. Nancy C. was required to drive to at least 8 different counties in Kentucky to meet her job expectations. Understanding the material functions of the claimant’s job and the evidence presented by her attorneys, the court ruled that the insurer did act arbitrarily and capriciously in denying her long term disability claim.

Dealing With a Delayed, Denied or Undervalued Mutual of Omaha Disability Claim?

If your Mutual of Omaha long term disability insurance claim is delayed, denied or undervalued, you are fighting an uphill battle. In our experience, policyholders may have more trouble with claim delays. The insurer may make multiple requests for financial, vocational and medical information. At the end of your claim processing, even with the additional submitted information, the company may still deny your claim. It is a delay and deny strategy that unfortunately we see all too often.

If you are having trouble with your Mutual of Omaha disability insurance claim, it is crucial that you contact a disability insurance attorney for help. An experienced Mutual of Omaha disability attorney can help you face challenges, including:

  • Requests to supply unnecessary information
  • Requests for unnecessary tests or procedures
  • Issues with information and medical records
  • Difficulty getting the right representative on the phone
  • Surveillance resulting in denials
  • Refusal to review medical evidence or testimony

If you experience these issues or notice these tactics, call Tucker Law Group immediately. Our disability attorneys have years of experience going up against Mutual of Omaha.

Appealing Your Disability Claim

Receiving a claim denial does not mean your fight for benefits is over. Appealing a disability claim is difficult but you can seek legal assistance to prepare your appeal. With the help of experienced legal representation, you can build a strong case for your disability benefits.

If you have a group Mutual of Omaha policy through work, your policy is likely subject to ERISA. This means that you will work with your ERISA attorney to exhaust the appeals process before continuing. To prepare your appeal, your attorney will need to provide evidence and testimony. This is your final chance to introduce evidence to support your disability claim. As this is the case, it is vital to have an attorney help you with every component of the appeal.

Filing a Lawsuit to Secure Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance Benefits

If you exhaust your appeal options, you can file a lawsuit against Mutual of Omaha. This is the only course of action left available to you at this point in the claim process. As this is the case, you will want an attorney with years of experience fighting and holding insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha accountable.

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Are you fighting an uphill battle with Mutual of Omaha? The attorneys at Tucker Law Group can help you appeal a denial or file a lawsuit against the insurer on your behalf. We can also help file and monitor your initial claim. With decades of helping clients seek their disability insurance benefits, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to protect your rights. We have been instrumental in helping hundreds of policyholders get claims paid over the years.

We counsel in all 50 states and our lawyers are licensed in Florida and many federal courts across the nation. Send us a message online or call us by phone at (866) 233-5044 to schedule a free consultation.