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Principal Financial Group Disability Insurance

Our Nationally Recognized Law Firm Can Help With Principal Long Term Disability Claims

Principal Financial Group, better known as Principal, is not one of the largest players in the disability insurance market. However, we have seen an increasing number of claim denials and terminations from them recently.

The insurance carrier offers short term and long term disability policies. These policies are available for purchase either individually or through a group or employer. If you are a Principal policyholder and you are struggling to secure disability benefits, you can receive help from a disability attorney at our firm. The attorneys at Tucker Law Group help clients across the country fight for the disability benefits they deserve. We can step in to help at any stage of the process and can help claimants file the initial claim, appeal a denial, or litigate on their behalf if necessary.


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Below, we discuss Principal long term disability complaints and what you should understand about the insurer carrier.

Principal’s Track Record With Lawsuits and Settlements

Over the years, our attorneys have handled claims and litigated against all of the largest disability insurance companies in the market. While Principal is not one of the largest carriers we fight, we are seeing more denials from this insurer. The carrier uses unfair tactics to deny claims. Our clients have seen Principal aggressively use examinations by biased doctors the carrier chooses to deny or terminate claims. This is an unfair tactic used by many insurers to deny claimants the benefits they need.

Principal has faced numerous lawsuits in the past. In a 2016 lawsuit against Principal, the court concluded that Principal gave “inadequate consideration” of the evidence provided by the Plaintiff. The carrier abused its discretion in denying the claim and the Plaintiff was, under the terms of the policy, entitled to benefits. That means Principal acted in a totally unreasonable manner that no reasonable person could agree with when it denied benefits in that case.

Before litigation, we have also fought Principal’s improper interpretation of the guidelines for how long it can take to decide claims.

Dealing With a Delayed, Denied or Undervalued Principal Disability Claim

Are you fighting an uphill battle for Principal long term disability benefits? It is critical that you contact a disability insurance attorney for help. An experienced Principal disability attorney can help you face Principal and their unfair tactics, including:

  • Difficulty getting the right representative on the phone
  • Requests for unnecessary tests or procedures
  • Asked to supply unnecessary information
  • Issues with information and medical records
  • Surveillance resulting in denials
  • Refusal to review medical evidence or testimony
  • Improper delays or “tolling,” claiming it has more time to decide claims than legally allowed

If you notice these tactics or experience these issues, call our law firm immediately. The disability attorneys at the Tucker Law Group have decades of experience going against carriers like Principal. We help clients with delays, denials and undervalued claims everyday.

Appealing Your Disability Claim

After receiving a Principal claim denial, you may feel less certain about your chances of securing the benefits you need. It is normal to feel this way. However, our attorneys know from experience that you still have a chance to fight for your benefits. Generally, the next steps are appealing and litigating your case.

If you have a group Principal policy through work, your policy is likely subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This means that you and your ERISA attorney will need to exhaust the appeals process before continuing. During this process, your attorney will need to provide evidence and testimony to present a strong case. This is your final chance to introduce evidence to support your claim. This is why it is critical to seek help from an experienced attorney during this time.

Filing a Lawsuit to Secure Principal Disability Insurance Benefits

After you exhaust the appeals process, you and your attorney can file a lawsuit against Principal. This is the only course of action left available to you at this point in the process. It is important that your attorney is an aggressive litigator and has experience holding insurance companies like Principal accountable.

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