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Cancer and Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

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Similar to many disabling conditions, cancer can affect your quality of life. Individuals that have received a cancer diagnosis and are unable to work due to their condition, may qualify for long term disability benefits. However, not all cancer claims qualify. To determine if you qualify for long term disability cancer benefits, it is important to speak to an experienced disability attorney. A long term disability claim approval hinges on your ability to establish your case. At Tucker Law Group, we work quickly to understand the severity of your cancer and how it impacts your ability to work and maintain your quality of life. We work with cancer patients nationwide to help them obtain the long term disability cancer benefits they deserve.

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Overview: Cancers

Cancer is a name that refers to a variety of diseases. However, abnormal cell growth and division is the cause of each of these diseases. Cancer can develop anywhere in the body, even in the blood. Cancer cells differ from normal cells in one important way. They grow out of control and become invasive, leading to serious medical issues.

Doctors classify cancer into stages often based on the rate of growth and tumor size.

  • Stage 1. Early detection and recognition make this cancer easier to treat. This classification of cancer means that the abnormal cell growth is confined to a single part of the body. Long term disability insurance claims for this stage of cancer are rare.
  • Stage 2. This stage of cancer means that cancer is growing but localized. It may spread to nearby lymph nodes but nothing far from the original site of the tumor. Patients with stage 2 cancer may obtain long term disability insurance benefits with the right legal representation.
  • Stage 3. This stage of cancer means that the cancer spread to further away lymph nodes. The prognosis for Stage 3 cancer is bleaker and treatment is often more aggressive. Patients with stage 3 cancer may obtain long term disability insurance benefits more easily.
  • Stage 4. This stage of cancer is the most serious. It means that cancer spread to other distant parts of the body, such as the liver or bones. Patients with stage 4 cancer may have a poor prognosis. Patients with stage 4 cancer are often able to obtain long term disability insurance benefits successfully.

Cancer and Disability Benefits

When seeking disability insurance benefits, you must show the insurance companies how your cancer affects your life and your ability to work. Simply having a cancer diagnosis is not enough to obtain benefits. You can obtain short term disability cancer benefits while you undergo treatment or long term disability benefits.

Your cancer may make it difficult to work in many different ways. Cancer itself can cause a wide range of disabling symptoms from:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty walking or sitting for long periods
  • Eating difficulties
  • Changes in bowels or bladder
  • Fevers and infections

The treatment you receive for your cancer can result in a disabling condition. Some of those treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Gene therapy
  • Proton therapy
  • Bone marrow transplants

In many cases, disabling treatments for cancer can give rise to either short term disability or long term disability insurance benefits. Cancer treatments can result in a wide range of disabling conditions, such as heart problems, respiratory issues, and nerve damage.

At Tucker Law Group, our disability lawyers will evaluate your cancer and treatments to determine how they affect your life and your ability to work. We use medical testimony, expert witnesses, and other types of evidence to securely build your case. If you received a claim denial, we can help you appeal this denial and obtain the money you deserve.

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