Employment Law

At Tucker Law Group, we represent employees in many types of Employment Law cases. Call us if you believe you were wrongly treated by your employer in one of the following areas.

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation

When employers mistreat an employee because of their Race, Age, Sex/Gender, National Origin, Pregnancy, an injury on the job or use of FMLA leave, we may be able to help.

FMLA – Family & Medical Leave Act claims

Many employers do not understand FMLA leave. We frequently get calls from employees that were not treated properly and given the leave they are entitled to receive under the FMLA.

Unfair and illegal pay practices – unpaid wages and overtime

When an Employer fails to pay the minimum wage, past due wages, bonuses, overtime or equal pay, call us. We also know that the laws and an Employer’s requirements regarding Employee’s rights can be confusing and frustrating to understand. If you are not sure if you are being paid correctly or if you are entitled to overtime, we can help answer your questions.

Non-compete agreements

We also represent those who have unknowingly entered into unfair and illegal non-compete contracts with Employers. Employers often require agreements that violate the law in exchange for employment. Florida law spells out what can and cannot be included in non-compete contracts including, but not limited to, the geographic area covered by the contract and the length of time the non-compete can bind an Employee. If you have an Employer trying to enforce a non-compete or just have questions regarding your non-compete call the attorneys at Tucker Law Group.

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