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Can The Insurance Company Limit Your Benefits If You Have Depression or Anxiety?

Our Disability Lawyer Explains

Disability insurance companies often attempt to limit the amount of benefits they have to pay you by using the mental and nervous limitation clause that is often found in policies.

Typically, the mental and nervous limitation clause states that after twelve or twenty-four months your benefits can be terminated if you have any type of mental problem, such as depression or anxiety.  This approach to limiting your benefits is often used even if you are suffering from a physical injury.  You may not even know that your medical condition is included in this clause.  For example, your doctor may have prescribed you an antidepressant, but you thought you were taking medicine for your pain.  It is normal to be depressed if you are suffering from pain.

The insurance company’s tactic here is that they will cut benefits because they say you are suffering from a mental illness – depression – thus invoking the mental and nervous limitation.  You may be surprised to receive a letter stating your benefits are ending after you’ve received benefits for twenty-four months.   My team of disability attorneys knows how to overcome the insurance company and prove that your physical problems are the real reason you cannot work.

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