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How an Attorney Can Help With Your VA Disability Claim

Has Your VA Disability Claim Been Denied?

If the VA has denied you in your service-connected disability claim, you should hire an attorney. Do not give up on your claim; there are several ways we can assist you.

First, I will retrieve the claim file from the VA and review the facts thoroughly.  As a VA accredited attorney, I have taken the mandatory training classes to be able to practice before the VA.  This training allows me to obtain information that you otherwise may not have known about. Additionally, my training on regulations and processes of the VA gives me an advantage in assisting you with your goal of getting paid benefits as far back in time as possible.

Also, I can assist in preparing evidence for your case.  While you may have provided medical history from your records at the VA medical center to prove service connection, you will need more to strengthen your claim. I will work to generate evidence that proves what happened to you during your military service.  It will be essential to prove your current condition is connected to what happened in service.

If you have additional questions regarding hiring an attorney after a VA claim denial, I want you to call me at (866) 233-5044. I offer free consultations. I look forward to your call.