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Do You Have to Talk to the Insurance Company About Your Claim?

Our Disability Insurance Attorney Provides Tips to Help You

I would like to provide you with tips that will help you when communicating with your Long Term Disability Insurance Company.

Despite the friendliness of the insurance company’s employees, they are not your friends.  They will be attempting to get as much information out of you as possible.

  • Don’t talk too much or volunteer information. Stick with answering only the questions asked.
  • If they request a meeting with you, do not meet them at your home. They will be looking for information to use to deny your claim.
  • Given your pain levels and how you are feeling on a given day, you may choose to request the questions be sent to you in written form prior to a meeting with the insurance company.
  • When answering these questions, do not generalize or give absolutes. Use of absolutes or generalizations will give them more ammunition to say that you lied to them later on.  For example, if they catch you standing after you say you can’t stand, they will say you lied.  Instead, you should tell them you can only work while standing for a given number of minutes.
  • Finally, tell the truth. Do not embellish your story.

If you have additional questions regarding your long term disability insurance claim, I want you to call me at (866) 233-5044. We offer free consultations. I welcome your call.