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Our Wyoming Disability Lawyers Can Help Secure Your Disability Benefits

The CDC reports that adults with disabilities face extra health risks as a result of their conditions. This means that many individuals will experience a decrease in quality of life after becoming disabled. One way to combat this outcome is by securing disability benefits. By replacing a portion of one’s income, disability insurance benefits afford people financial stability and peace of mind. Unfortunately, the process involved for securing these benefits can sometimes prove difficult. If you are struggling with the disability claims process, contact Tucker Law Group. Our Wyoming disability lawyers offer a wide range of services designed to meet the particular needs of our clients.

Disability Insurance Claims

Group Disability Insurance Policies

Many people purchase disability insurance through a group, like an employer or union. Under this type of policy, coverage becomes tied to a person’s W-2 income or base salary. The policyholder will pay premiums in exchange for coverage if he or she later becomes disabled. To access this coverage, disabled people with group policies will file a claim to recover a portion of their lost salary.

Group disability insurance policies are governed by ERISA. This federal law will affect the filing process, as well as attempts to appeal or litigate a claim. Our disability lawyers in Wyoming have extensive experience with handling ERISA claims.

Individual Disability Insurance

Unlike group policies, individual disability insurance policies are not tied to employment. For this reason, individual disability insurance policies are generally more flexible than group policies. Further, this type of disability insurance is not subject to ERISA. This means that filing, appealing or litigating a claim will follow the procedures outlined in the policy language as well as Wyoming state law. Our Wyoming disability lawyers can advise clients throughout all stages in the claims process.

The Disability Insurance Claim Process

The first step in securing disability benefits is to file the initial claim. Filing your claim will depend on the type of policy you have. ERISA policies have different requirements than individual policies. In general, your claim should provide enough solid evidence about your condition and in support of your claim. Once filed, your insurance company will then investigate the terms of your claim. If your claim is well-supported and covered by your policy, you should receive approval.

While getting an approval after filing the initial claim is ideal, denials are very common. This is because insurance companies are strict and thorough in their assessments. Any chance to deny a claim will save them money, so they do their best to find issues within the claims they receive. However, if you receive a denial, you can still appeal this decision to recover your benefits.

Again, the type of policy you hold will affect the appeals process. You should reassess your initial claim and then take any of the following actions:

  • Collect more documentation in support of your claim
  • Visit or revisit a physician, expert or specialist
  • Take tests or assessments which gauge your physical limitations and restrictions
  • Gather witness testimony concerning your condition
  • Consult with a disability attorney to prepare the strongest appeal possible for your case
  • Submit your claim in compliance with the appropriate appeals process and any applicable deadlines

Filing a lawsuit is another avenue by which you may be able to secure your benefits. Policyholders with individual disability insurance may have the option to bypass the appeals process and go straight to litigation. However, policyholders with group disability coverage must exhaust the appeals process first.

VA Disability Insurance Benefits in Wyoming

Disabled veterans can secure disability compensation through the VA. The compensation available to disabled veterans includes financial support and healthcare coverage. To secure these benefits, an eligible veteran must first file a claim with the VA. While you cannot hire an attorney to help you file your claim, our Wyoming disability lawyers can help in the event that your claim gets denied.

Wyoming’s VA State Resources

How to Win VA Disability Benefits in Wyoming

To secure disability benefits from the VA, a veteran should aim to file a compelling claim. This means gathering evidence which shows that your health condition:

  • Has been formally diagnosed and meets the VA’s definition of disability
  • Developed or worsened as a result of your service in the military

Appealing a VA Denied Claim

Unfortunately, disability compensation claims submitted to the VA are often denied. If this has happened to you, contact Tucker Law Group’s disability lawyers in Wyoming. We offer services to guide veterans through the appeals process. These services include:

  • Filing your appeal
  • Filing all the applicable VA appeal forms
  • Referring you to experts for medical exams or physical evaluations to strengthen your case
  • Crafting and submitting legal arguments and briefs to the applicable appeals committee on your behalf

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